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Hello everybody!
I want to apologize in advance for my english.
Today came to me a set of clothes- "Alert Line: Soviet Sniper".
Adding chest armor (SN-42), a helmet (SSH-40) and a submachine gun (PPSH-41), the figure became a soldier of Assault engineering and sapper brigade.


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Welcome aboard, and compliments to your sapper. I like Alert Line's sets, and this one looks quite good, especially when enhanced by the armor and varied weapons.

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Nice little bash!

A couple little tips - take the uniform and wash it with a little bit od dish soap and hot water then rinse it out and put it on the figure while still wet and scrunch up the figure and let dry. It will take the "new" look out of the uni and put the wrinkles in the right places, while giving the appearance of being lived in.

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