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Is your dog looking like it has mange because you keep clipping bits for 1:6 hair projects? Is your wife and/or girlfriend sick of you snipping off her locks while she sleeps because your latest figure needs a good mustache? No more, my friends!

I discovered an awesome source for enough real human hair to last for dozens of projects to come! Hair extensions from beauty supply retailers! I got mine at a local outlet of this store:

The Sassy Collection - Sassy Yaki 8" Human Hair Light Brown/Light Auburn

but others carry similar stuff. These extensions come in many colours, but since they are real human hair, can be dyed with regular hair dye to any shade. The added bonus is again that since it is real hair (not synthetic fibre) it can be styled easily with heat and normal styling products. The 8 inch length of the pack is the strand length of the hair itself, but it is on a binding over 8 feet long!! That's 8 feet of 8 inch length human hair!

I bought 3 packs at $7.99 each and there is enough hair in one pack to fully fur out a 1:6 Chewbacca, so for wigs and beards I doubt I will ever again need more hair.
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