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SOPMOD kitbash

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Since Im killing time before the big dinner I decided to work on my Sparten Rex SOPMOD. I added a laser designator awhile ago, today I added some rail covers from my ACE SFOD kit as well as a forward grip. LMK what you think of my SOPMOD.

Oh I forgot to metion I replaced the plastic tubing with brass tubing.


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cool add-ons John, if you don't mind, I got a Spartan Rex one and Direct Fire one I've modded I can post pics of for comparison?
Thanks Huy, I'd like to see your SOPMOD post away!!!!!
Thanks Huy, I'd like to see your SOPMOD post away!!!!!
Here's the pics of the 2 with one a shameless plug for my updated Hawkeye helicopter sniper figure :p

Direct Fire-added a Did MK14 bipod, BBI PEQ2, scaled down vertical grip, and DML ACOG..still want to add a jpoint as on the Spartan Rex one

Spartan Rex-added Boford laser/ir pointer(DBAL?) and ACOG w/jpoint, TS foregrip with light

Side by Side

Hawkeye holding both
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Very nice mods on both SOPMODS hqpham.
uramegak said:
Slick weapons, guys!
Ohh yeah.
Nice work, Both of you !!
I'm big fan of the M-14, but due to cost it's easier to mod the dragons ect. for me.
Yours look outstanding. Thanks for sharing.
Sweet firepower:):):)
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