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Technican 4th grade George F. Timmerman 24th Armored Engineer Battalion.

He is wearing DML winter combat trousers (modified zipper), BBI sweater, DML tanker jacket, SS scarf, DML winter combat helmet (modified buckle and strap), pat lin gloves and DML overshoes.

On his pistol belt he wearing two ammo pouches for his M1 carbine, a combat knife, canteen, wire cutter, pick mattock m1910, first aid pouch, m 1943 e-tool carrier, mk2 grenade, Mk.III A1 Offensive Grenade. he uses his e-tool carrier as bag for two C4 charges. division patch and rank insignia from DML

George next to the captured german anti tank gun (dml pak 38 manfred weller) he is wearing his M1 helmet and m 1944 googles (both DML)

plant some C4 charges to blow up the gun

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