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Some John Wayne Winchester & Colt Mods

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I've been making progress on some more Duke figures, but needed a few more Winchesters. And some previous works needed repair and improvement. The Duke carried a number of stock and converted 1892 Winshesters in his films. Some had the iconic large cocking lever loop (first seen in "Stagecoach"), and some of those were shortened to make it easier to spin-while-cocking. The loops I made from brass stock. Here are most of them, some painted, some still in progress, made from a mix of BGT, DS and CXR copies. I had ground the barrel band off the El Dorado carbine (still not sure why), so that got replaced, and I added two tiny screws to the reciever of each for a little extra detail.

Here they are painted up. I painted the rifles in my own mix of Tamiya Gun Metal and Blue. Then they all got heavily dry-brushed with Acryl Steel for that worn look. The bottom rifle is an experiment on making an 1866 rifle from a BGT Henry and Winchester. (Not a Duke weapon, I'm afraid.)

And here is a close-up, also showing the Colts for a "Shootist" and a "True Grit" bash.

I should have another western figure done in the next 2 days, then some work on some Cavalry film figures. Thanks for looking!
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VERY impressive gunsmithing there!
VERY nice work!

The Duke and the great Yakima Canutt came up with the famous large loop carbine for 'Stagecoach' in 1939, and the Duke used it in so many of his films afterwards.

*No pun intended!
Beautiful work, man.

I especially like the yellow-handled Colt. It's one of my favorite Wayne guns. Apparently, it was one of his favorites, too.

You've certainly done them all justice.
Great work!
John Wayne actually had one or two rifles cut short (stock and barrel) to make him look bigger!
Check out the Winchester he uses in "Sons of Katie Elder."
Thanks everyone. vince, I don't think he could look bigger! Thanks for the info.
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