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Turner Classic Movies is doing a hip-shoot tribute to to director and actor Sydney Pollack, who died last week. They're showing four films (all times are ET):

8:00 PM The Slender Thread ('65) (his directorial debut)
10:00 PM Three Days of the Condor ('75)
12:00 AM Tootsie ('82)
2:00 AM Jeremiah Johnson ('72)

My money's on Three Days of the Condor, and Jeremiah Johnson. I just wish TCM's view of Pollack's The Yakuza was a favorable one. I saw it uncut when it came out in '75, and I still enjoy watching it.

Pollack was a true journeyman, acting in many roles and working his way to director. His PSAs about talking in theaters during movies, shown at AMC theaters, are classic.
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