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I've been Minimoyzed
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Extended stock.
Wood Tool Trigger Air gun Gun accessory

Right side receiver details. Ejection port opens. You can cycle the charging handle.
Trigger Gun barrel Air gun Gun accessory Machine

Front and aft views of the 416 with accessories attached. Some slight misfitting with the accessories on the rails give it a wonky look. At least the accessories fit snugly. The sling is really long and will need to be adjusted to fit one the figure is geared up properly. When you look in the muzzle it's clear the rifle is not painted tan, but is a very light tan plastic, and you can see this when you look in the magazine well as well. The muzzle/barrel looks odd all lightly coloured like that, so some black paint will be used to detail that slight flaw.
Camera accessory Wood Religious item Cameras & optics Sculpture
Sculpture Art Wood Statue Machine

Small dot detail in the EOTech.
Camera accessory Camera Cameras & optics Communication Device Gadget

Fits with different magazines.
Trigger Machine gun Gun barrel Gun accessory Air gun
Machine gun Wood Trigger Metal Gun accessory

Receiver of the Mk12 Mod1 rifle, with AOR1 painted mag.
White Air gun Trigger Line Gun barrel

Bipod details. Legs are movable and extendable.
Air gun Trigger Machine gun Bicycle part Auto part

Knights Armament logo on the UNS.
Black Automotive tire Auto part Gas Technology

I've been Minimoyzed
14,115 Posts
Knight's Armament UNS (Universal Night Sight) details.
Camera accessory Cameras & optics Material property Font Camera lens

Leupold Scope details. Aft lens cover/cap. Windage measurements inside the cover/cap.
Camera accessory Cameras & optics Flash photography Gas Circle
Gesture Tints and shades Clock Metal Fashion accessory

Scope marking details.
Machine gun Air gun Optical instrument Trigger Sky
Hand Watch Air gun Camera accessory Gun accessory
Camera accessory Flash photography Cameras & optics Font Camera lens

Micro C4OPS Control Box for the comms system that attaches to the rifles.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Trigger Automotive design Bumper

Bulky glove details. The map holder on the wrist. Not seen is the watch, which is very snug and barely fits the wrist. Add all three of these elements, and they start interfering with each other and how the wrist/hand fits. I could not get a natural look to the gloved hands, so those will be filling the pack up, and the bare hands used instead. I may try and track down some older molded Mechanic gloves.
Camouflage Military camouflage Cargo pants Military uniform Ballistic vest

Vest details. Looks great with all the pouches on. I missed the part in the descriptions and this review where you can adjust the size of the vest. I'll have to take off the pouches on one side, and pull the cummerbund through and tighten the lacing at the back. This top-down view shows how much gap there is at the sides if you don't tighten it first. Oops.
Camouflage Hand Military camouflage Military uniform Military person

I've been Minimoyzed
14,115 Posts
The pads inside the knees. There are big plastic inserts inside the pants, under the knee caps. These cause an issue with bending the knees and posing. And you can see the edges of the inserts through the fabric.
Camouflage Military camouflage Sleeve Gesture Wood
Hand Camouflage Finger Christmas ornament Wood

Some poses with gear on. Well most of it. Some is off because I have to go back and adjust the vest. And attach the knife with the string. And install the comms cords. That means a bunch of pouches will have to be removed again to install those bits first, and then put the pouches back on.

Typical to Soldier Story bodies, the knees and hips are limited in range of motion, so some poses are not possible without body mods. Add the stiff inserts in the knees, and you have another issue to deal with. From what I have read, you can't remove the inserts and trim them, or cut them to gain motion, so you may be limited to standing poses only.
Camouflage Military camouflage Ballistic vest Cargo pants Military uniform
Camouflage Ballistic vest Military camouflage Cargo pants Military uniform
Military camouflage Military uniform Military person Camouflage Sculpture
Camouflage Ballistic vest Military camouflage Machine gun Military uniform
Camouflage Military camouflage Ballistic vest Military uniform Military person
Face Camouflage Ballistic vest Military camouflage Military uniform
Footwear Camouflage Ballistic vest Military camouflage Outerwear

Overall it was a really decent figure. There are a few flaws, like the huge waisted pants, the stiff knee pad inserts, and the colour of the helmet light not as advertised.

CorranJ managed to get all the main highlights of the figure, and I tried to only add what wasn't mentioned. No need to beat a dead horse, especially 9 and a half years later...

There was also a fair amount of fitting and review type information in the thread with all the promo pics, so there is some jumping back and forth between threads going on here. See this thread for more details and hi-res promo pics. Page 5 is where Rainbowsix added the promo pics. Zipcoolo also added some nice release day pics of the set and box, on page 15. Most of the other review type info is Page 15 and on.

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