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Picked up the long awaited Soldier Story US NAVY Operation Neptune today.Handled it a bit,got a good look at the gear before I slapped it together.

Now,to get to the Meat and Potatoes

Sculpt-I was told this sculpt is based on Stone Cold Steve Austin,famous wrestler.Yeah,maybe.Or maybe not.If they were basing off of a bald head and a goatee,then yes,it Stone Cold.But the rememblance,for me anyhow,stops there.That doesnt mean its not a good sculpt.For the one in my hand,the paint app and skin color are excellent.There is a mold line evident in most of the bald sculpts I have seen,but thats to be expected.The eyes are centered,and dont have a upward glance as the DAM Marksman I own does.if they can find a way to be done with the mold lines,and to have something other than a nicely qouffed goatee,Id give this sculpt a higher mark.Its evident that scraggly beards can be done,TC has done them on a few figures.Id like to see SS follow in TC's footsteps in that regard.

AOR1-I wasnt going to discuss the uniform,as I thought it was identical to the Devgru Gold team version of the uniform.There are some differences.Mainly in the type of material used.The main fabric of the uniform,is thinner than the Gold Team uni,and the area' around the kneepad and the rear waist padding,is a shiny type of,almost nylon type material.But other than that,the color,and sizing is the same as the Gold Team.

Helmet-Another of the once highly sought after bump helmets has surfaced.Although,this is the first full figure SS has offered with this helmet.If you own any of the other 8 that SS has produced,you have no surprises in store.The only real difference is the paint scheme(AOR1)and accessories.In the accessory dept,you get the video camera,the LED,and a set of NVG's.If you read anything about the SS Bumps in any of the other reviews,or posts on them,then you know what to expect.

Boots-A fine pair of MOAB ventilators are the ground grinders SS has included with this release.And yes they are molded,and yes,they look great.Some are put off by the inclusion of molded boots,but these are not in the same vein as 21st,hasbro,dragon and early BBi boots.These far surpass those offerings of old.Crisp clean and the details that may be lost in trying to use cloth,leather or other type of materials,are not lost in the molds used.You do lose foot posability a bit,but SS has included a set of extra feet with this release,just not any extra cloth boots,so you're on your own finding some to use.

Vest-Another LBT6094 graces this figure.This vest has been done many times.Twice in AOR and a few times in tan.Other than the color of the material used,and pouches,this vest is the same as the ST10,the only other difference is the style of shoulder pad included.This one is a sleeve type,as opposed to the velcro closure style used in the TC and previous offerings from ACE and SS.The vest also has channels for radio wires,hydration tubes,etc,running on the sides of the front and back panels,as well as the shoulder pads.These are kinda hard to navigate.Of the 6 that are on the vest,it doesnt seem as any of them are big enough to pass anything other than the wires through.It's fortunate that the radio wires detach in sections,because the capacitors(Im guessing) wont fit thru the openings easily.As far as the spacing and horizontal straightness of the webbing is concerned,this particular vest is darn near perfect.I had no problems weaving the pouches thru onto the vest.The only real issue with the vest is the flaps on the lower portion of the front that secure the front flap to the back of the front panel,dont seem to stick very well.There are actually a couple of instances of the velcro not sticking throughout this figure.

Pouches-As usual,you get a decent amount of pouches to mix and match as you chose.
1X dual mag pouch
1X triple mag shingle insert
1X admin
1X canteen/NVG pouch
1X 200 rd pouch
1X Modular assault pack
2X grenade
1X radio
1X strobe
1X dual mag/holster
1X belt worm small pouch
Not really much to say about these.Standard SS pouch fare.Good construction,thin,easy workable webbing..with the exception of the radio pouch,which has AOR webbing,which I will discuss later.

The shingle is a bit problematic.While it can accomodate 3 magazines,it will take some effort put into it.Also to note is that in the promo shots,there are 3 sections of webbing attached to elastic to hold the mags in place.But there are only 2,one on each end,nothing in the midde.Not a deal breaker for me,but for others,it may cause some distress.

Accessories-Once again,there is an abundance of bits and pieces are included
2X baseball grenades
2X flashbangs
8X small orange chemsticks
1X Tourniquet
1X push knife
1X large Caribeener
3X flex cuffs
1X cloth Mechanix gloves
1X pair of bendy hands
1X arm mounted Map pouch
1X hand mount GPS pouch and GPS unit
1X rail mount Video camera
1X rail mount personal LED lamp
1X sunglasses
1X pair of short foot pegs
Whew,thats alot of bits and pieces...For the most part,most of the bits are old molds or patterns being used.The CAT is a new piece,and Im sure is gonna fly off etailers sites quick.Most times it seems CATs fly anyhow,so combine the fact that it's a new piece,and a CAT,they're already sold out.The only long term problem I see is the label eventually falling off as its an adhesive backed sticker.Also of note,is the caribeener.In the past,this piece has been metal.Now its plastic,like the oval style.Kinda glad,as Ive lost a few of the sliders on these already.

Radio-Silynx C4OPS with a remote PTT switch.This is gonna be popular with Act of Valor bashes.What I like about what SS did with the wires on this release is they used a bendable wire system,rather than soft flexible wire.The main radio is a standard M148 with remote antenna mounting capability.It was a bit confusing at first as how to mount the antenna,I had to go back and look at the promo shots.

Now the main course..Im sure one of the main draws to this figure has got to be the weapons.SS currently leads the way as far as modern rifles are concerned.And these are no different

Main weapon-I dont know why,but I thought this was going to be a MK11 7.62 rifle.But it's not.It's a MK12 SPR 5.56.Think,Dragon Jason,or ACE's Green Beret sets,and you've got the right idea.And once again SS delivers in spades.Nice crisp clean edges,no harsh mold lines,the ejection port opens(normal)and I think you can even dissassemble it as well,but I never attemp to do that as sometimes I have a heavy hand and dont want something to snap.And the accessories are top notch.

You get
1X Sniper Scope
1X PVS Night vision scope
1X bipod.
1X black sling with rail mount swivel
The sniper scope's detailing is fantastic.The lettering on the adjusters is redable,but not readable if you get my meaning.The rear flip-up cover has a sticker on the inside as well.Im assuming it's for writing notes,Im sure someone here will elaborate.

The bipod is also great.When TC released their HK417 sets,I grabbed a few of the bipods loose.I may grab these as well.

Secondary weapon-A AOR1 colored HK416.Umm..Odd choice here,in my opinion.I've seen rifles done up like this is promo shots for gear and rifles.This just seems an odd choice for an operator supposedly in the field.And to make it even more awkward,there is an AOR1 painted 5.56 mag.Personally I would have preferred a black version.And it seems to be molded out of a tan,or even no color plastic.And there are a couple of accessories for it as well

1X PEQ 16
1X AOR1 sling

And there is a Knights Arms foregrip that can be used on either weapon.

Backup-Sig P226.Nothing new at all,other than SS attached the Lanyard for you.

Ammo-quite a bit of ammo here

4X tan PMAG 5.56
3X 30 round 5.56
2X 20 round 5.56
1X 30 round 5.56 in AOR scheme
3X Sig mags(1 is in the handgun)

Velcro-I dont know what SS changed as far as velcro,but it doesn't seem to be as adhearing as previous releases.The trousers especially.The front flap will not stay closed.But the cowboy belt takes care of that problem.The pouches also exhibit some of the non sticking issue.Not as bad as TC's,but still annoying when you have a figure on your shelf,and his pouch flap is up.

There are a few other small things that came up in addition to the issue with the triple mag shingle.I noticed as I was looking at the pictures of the radio antenna,that the connection isn't silver as the images show.It's black.Also the base for the rail mount LED in the pics is tan,and they give you a black one in the box.Now these aren't complete deal breakers for me,but for some they will cause grief because it's not what the promo pics showed.This was a pretty big deal back when the first DevGru was released,and there wasn't a front sight as the promo showed.Sure that was a actual missing piece,but even the disclaimer of it being a prototype,and may change between then and the actual release,didnt seem to deter people from being upset.And this MAY happen here too,or maybe not.It's individual preference as to if it bothers.


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Tips-Something new to help some people out.
I mentioned before that I had read that one poster had issues with the looseness of the vest.The vest is adjustable.If you slide the cumberbund all the way thru,you can access the adjustment cord and tighten the vest.It'll still be loose,but alot tighter than it was.

Try soaking the Shingle pouch and the gloves in water before trying to work with loosens up the fabric and makes things easier.And on the shingle,insert the mags on the ends before trying the middle makes it easier to try and funnel the mag down into the pouch.


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Pretty decent figure, waaaay too fiddly for me though. I'd need a VERY detailed instruction sheet before I went anywhere near something like this.

SS seem to have sorted out their head to body proportions and those new feet look nice. That watch looks awfully familiar and I think my Jack Bauer is wearing one, by that I mean that he is wearing an SS watch. Nice SIG 226 too.


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Lots of little pieces, looks pretty good

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I know the 1/1 version has multiple setups,but this just has the in ear setup.Im sure you can modify it to other headsets

sits in a loose parts box
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Your reviews are getting better each time Aaron. NIcely done. I agree with you on the 416, either make it a full "showpiece" (Camo up the Sight and Laser and a Camo M900 Light) and leave it like that, or stick to black or a weathered tan look.

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I know there's some stuff I forgot.I usually put the figure together,and then write from memory during freetime at work

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No.Its made for the MK12 only

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I use a pair of surgical tweezers.

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A bit of a post revival/necropost, but I noticed the pictures were missing from this post, when I came in to check out some details. So, as I was building this up after a long delay in finishing the figure, I figured I would add some back in. Why make a new post when there is already one going.

Figure and uniform.

Camouflage Military camouflage Military uniform Cargo pants Military person

The assorted pouches and pack.
Twig Fashion accessory Art Pattern Font

Vest front and back. The straps are adjustable, but they are very stiff due to the paint applied in the AOR1 pattern. To adjust the vest, you have to open the front, and pull the wide cummerbund through the back, and tighten the lacing in the middle of the back. I didn't do this, and I have to take the pouches off one side to pull the cummerbund through. Oops.
Bedrock Artifact Rectangle Wood Relief
Rectangle Wood Metal Vehicle Fashion accessory

Patches. Lots to choose from, although I don't know how many would actually be used by a DEVGRU operator while in a mission. Not much low vis stuff as well.
Guitar accessory Rectangle Font Symbol Logo

Wrist map holder/phrase sheet. The elastic band nature of it makes it a bit of a challenge to get on over the sleeve of the uniform and watch.
Rectangle Art Font Pattern Drawing
Rectangle Font Gesture Symbol Logo

Fancy belt , the Benelli B9.
Twig Reptile Wattleseed Scaled reptile Snake

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Sunglasses. They are a transparent plastic that has been painted, and light comes through them as blue. Neat way to get that metallic lens coating look.

Glasses Hair Head Goggles Vision care

Arm Bicycle handlebar Sunglasses Gas Wrist

Helmet and accessories.
Black Font Auto part Fashion accessory Metal

Contour helmet cam, and flexible light. The light in the promo pics is tan, and is black now. Not sure if that is a change in the production run or not.

There is also a small rail section I haven't figured out what it is used for.
Font Material property Eyewear Cable Electronic device

Helmet details. Note the gaps at the rail sections on the sides. It would have been nicer if those fit a bit tighter to the helmet.

The camo pattern appears to be put on using a hydro dipped process rather than painting, which gives it a nice process on the top, but a smudged look on the sides. Still looks decent enough.
Natural material Helmet Terrestrial animal Food Fashion accessory
Body jewelry Silver Jewellery Engagement ring Natural material

AN-PVS22 NOD. The eye piece is removable, and can fit on either side of the mount. Nice piece, but I think the GPNVG-18 probably would have been a better option for the figure.
Camera lens Camera accessory Lens Teleconverter Cameras & optics

Zip Cuffs.
Twig Fashion accessory Metal Rectangle Office supplies

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The feet with ankle pegs. Nice sculpting on the feet, but you won't see them if you decide to use them with some lace up boots, not included of course.

Gerber multitool pouch with no tool. Odd addition.

Food Brown Hand Arm Ingredient
Shoe Grille Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Drinkware

Bendy hands and fabric Mechanic gloves. The gloves are a bit long and foul on the uniform sleeves. They are also quite bulky when put on the hands, and look odd. Add that to the fact that they don't bend well with the hands, and are difficult to put on unless you wet them a bit means these are a bit of a waste of time. And the pinkish printing of the logo on top has been an issue too. I suspect the black fabric will stain the bendy hands over time as well, which would mean you would have to leave the gloves on all the time.
Hand Arm Gesture Sports gear Finger

Brown Vertebrate Mammal Gesture Glove

String used to hold the push knife on.

Comms gear. There is a good description how to set up the cords in the promo discussion post.
Gesture Font Happy Event Drawing
Product Art Font Cylinder Circuit component

Uniform. The colours are nice. But the waist is huge. A full 1.1 inch (2.6mm) too large. In scale terms, that would be like a man wearing pants with a waist 6-7 inches too large. By this time Soldier Story should have figured out this was a big QC issue before release. Could be a bad set of pants, but I suspect it wasn't. Good thing he comes with the fancy belt.
Joint Camouflage Outerwear Military camouflage Cargo pants
Dress Textile Sleeve Wood Waist
Ruler Tape measure Table Dress Office ruler

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Head has a passing resemblance to Steve Austin the wrestler. Although he has a narrower face I think, and this one is a bit more rounded. Great sculpt detail and painting. The mold line of the bald head is pretty decent and not too noticeable. Some folks mentioned that they hated the manicured goatee, and preferred a bigger beard. Doesn't bother me much either way. At the end of it all, the sculpt is pretty decent.

With the bald head, it means the head doesn't fill the helmet well, even when the padding/helmet lining is added. So it sits a bit loose. You should be able to tighten the straps on the helmet though.
Forehead Hair Nose Face Cheek

Forehead Face Nose Skin Chin

Forehead Nose Cheek Skin Chin

Vasque GTX Hiking boots. Nicely molded, with great paint details.
Footwear Brown Shoe Outdoor shoe Walking shoe
Shoe Outerwear Sleeve Glove Beige
Gesture Art Sculpture Artifact Font

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Details of the helmet and NVG mount. The little tab in the middle of the silver part of the NVG mount acts as a detent to click the AN-PVS22 in place so it doesn't fall off. Something that newer figures still don't have. Easy & Simple take note of this.... ;)
Automotive lighting Camera accessory Cable Electricity Electrical supply

Gesture Fashion accessory Machine Recreation Metal

The NVG Mount clicks into the helmet mount. The NVG mount slides front/back to adjust the NOD to the eye.

Wood Art Sculpture Jewellery Fashion accessory

Arm Cameras & optics Machine Floodlight Sculpture

Attached to the helmet. Again, note the gaps at the side rails. This bugs me. I may have to super glue those down.
Gas Fashion accessory Circle Jewellery Metal

Helmet light was advertised as tan. it can come off the mount, and turns, and the flexible wire bit means you can position it anywhere.
Bicycle part Auto part Metal Personal protective equipment Fashion accessory

Helmet with the NVG, light and Contour Camera attached.
Eye Helmet Gesture Camera accessory Camera

Garmin GPS on wrist mount.
Rectangle Jewellery Font Wrist Symbol

Assorted gear. Grenades and pouches, flashbangs, caribiner, watch, tourniqet, strobe, more zipcuffs, push knife, chemlights.
Font Art Jewellery Design Fashion accessory

Retention lanyard.
Body jewelry Creative arts Twig Jewellery Wrist

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Weapons. H&K416 rifle in AOR1 camo, and a Mk12 Mod1 SPR. Lots of mags to choose from to mix and match.
Machine gun Trigger Gun barrel Air gun Font

Sig226 pistol with lanyard.
Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Font Symbol

Details of the 416. I have managed to break of one of the small rod details on the stock.
Wood Artifact Art Balance Foot
Jaw Gesture Wood Trunk Art

EOTech detail.
Motor vehicle Combat vehicle Wood Gas Font

AN-PEQ15 Details.
Gadget Audio equipment Electronic component Electronic instrument Camera accessory
Cameras & optics Gadget Digital camera Camera accessory Machine
Truck Gas Rolling Vehicle Motor vehicle

Receiver, magazine, and grip details.
Trigger Line Gun barrel Air gun Gun accessory

Stock extends by pulling the tab down, then sliding the stock back and pushing the tab up. Same as the earlier FCS figures 416's.
Wood Natural material Gun accessory Trigger Metal
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