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In front of City Hall on Broadway in Kingston, NY, stands a memorial dedicated in 1890 to the men who fought in the Civil War. The monument stands 28 feet tall, with armored Victory looking down from the center. There is a plaque that reads,
"To the Soldiers and Sailors of the County of Ulster,
In the War for the Union, 1861 - 1865,
Their Grateful Fellow Citizens"
From the Kingston Daily Freeman, October 22, 1890:
"Bronze figure of a soldier and sailor seven feet high are on each side of the lower die. The soldier is on the skirmish line watching for the enemy. The sailor is in an attitude to repel borders. The faces are expressive. Intelligence, courage, resolution and alertness are defined. On the cap of the sailor is the name of the iron-clad Manhattan, on which Captain Marius Schoonmaker served during the Battle of Mobile Bay."

I have been studying this monument for more than 30 years. In 2000, it was refurbished with missing pieces like the cutlass blade and bayonet scabbard being replaced. I went to City Historian Mr. Ed Ford, who supplied newspaper articles of the dedication and reconditioning. The articles explained some of the features of the monument, like the sailor's cap band. I also found the artist's name and foundry information on the pedestals. A search of the artist, Caspar Burbel, showed that he was one of the periods most prolific monument sculptors and has 10 monuments at Gettysburg alone, including the NY State monument.

Caspar Buberl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gettysburg Sculptures - Caspar Buberl,.Sculptor of the 111th New York Infantry Bronze Statue...(hover over the lower right corner of photo and a magnifying glass icon will appear. Click on the icon to enlarge the photo)

During other research, I found the identical soldier was used for a monument to the 111th NY Volunteers on Cemetery Ridge at Gettysburg, though Kingston was able to get theirs dedicated first.

Gettysburg Sculptures - Featured Monument:111th New York Infantry Regimental.Monument .Bronze sculpture by sculptor Caspar BuberlLocated on the.North end of Hancock Ave. at the Bryan Farm (see Google map link at bottom of page).(hover over the lo

I took them to show to Mr. Ford as thanks for his help before posting them here. He is a fascinating historian and a true gentleman, and I am grateful for his help and encouragement.

The first time these two could face each other in 125 years:

After BattleGear Toys came out with their CW sailor sets, I started working on improving one and realized that bringing the statues to "life" was possible. Thus began a project that has been in the making for over two years. Originally, I put together the basic outfits and went thru several possible hs to use for the figures. Both figures are DML, using the old muscle body for the sailor. The hair was made with Apoxie Sculpt, as is the cleat the sailor has his foot on. The soldier is equipped by BGT, except the musket, shirt, trousers and haversack, which are SST. I built a new body for the canteen and added a chain, and a leather body for the bayonet scabbard and leather haversack strap. The Sailor is all BGT except for his belt and weapons. The piping and stars on his cape collar are added, as is the extra buttons on his trousers. The pistol does not conform to any issue one I could identify, so I built one to match. The Navy used short holsters ("frogs") and I built a reverse-draw one to match the sculpture. The 1860 Cutlass and scabbard are scratch-built, as seen in this thread:

For their hats, there was no way from the ground to see if they had any insignia on top. I went to the City Clerk's office and was allowed to take some photos from their window, showing the trefoil of the 2nd Corps on the soldier's cap, as well as the embroidery on the top of the sailor's. I had already made the embroidery on my sailor's cap before deciding on making these figures, and figured it was just "artistic license". I had to zoom in on my photo to see it was also part of the sculpture. Sailors did this to identify themselves to their shipmates acting as snipers in the rigging during hand to hand fighting between ships. Mine was made with a scrap-booking snowflake sticker that I trimmed and painted white. The hat band is black ribbon with a printed cloth "embroidered" name. The 120th NY, an Ulster County regiment, and the 111th NY were both in the 2nd Corps at Gettysburg. I chose the white trefoil of the 2nd Division to compliment the sailor's embroidery. The soldier's forage cap chin strap was narrowed, and I added my photo-etch buckle and small brad "buttons" with eagle decals. The trefoil was made by punching three small holes in adhesive-backed felt, gluing the disks and adding a stem.
Arty Andy did a stunning replica of an artillery monument in "bronze", but I wanted to breathe some life into these old friends. Other than my tendency to lean my posed figures back too much, I'm very happy with how they came out. Hope you like them, too.

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My God, that's beautiful work.

Your research paid off handsomely.

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Marvelous work, Mark. I like that you chose the 'live' version, over the bronze. The scratch built pieces are real gems. A fitting finish to your long infatuation with this grand memorial.
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