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Here I leave another sequence, testing the school uniform in my figure.

Note: I have already solved the problem of vertical images. Even when I had rotated them with the Windows Viewer ... for some reason ... I had to open them with some editor and re-record the image.

Window Building Doll Floor Hime cut

Building Street fashion Hime cut Doll Tower block

Toy Doll Floor Building Lego

Photograph Purple Tartan Thigh Street fashion

Shoe Leg Thigh Orange Knee

Footwear Shoe Photograph Shoulder Leg

Clothing Footwear Joint Shoe Photograph

Footwear Shoe Leg Black Tartan

Shoe Hairstyle Photograph Tartan Leg

Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
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Footwear Joint Hairstyle Shoe Shoulder

Shoe Shoulder Tartan Leg Waist

Thigh Knee Dress Street fashion Waist

Joint Shoe Hairstyle Tartan Leg

Joint Shoe Shoulder Tartan Leg
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