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Skull balaclava WIP!_UPDATED/NEW PICS

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Didnt want to wait on getting SS SAD figure to do this.THinking of makeing the jaw A little bigger.Wanting to bash A SEAL I saw on TAG gears website
The book doesnt come out till October though.

Thanks for looking guys:hat
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That looks awesome! Did you use acrylic paints? You were able to capture a lot of details, nice work.
Awesome.I think the jaw is perfect sized.
sweet work, very detailed
and you get bonus points because I have a thing for skulls ;)
Gimmie gimmie gimmie. I want one....
I was thinking of doing the same thing but use an Iron decal. What did you use of the Balaclava? Looks like a glove finger.
Came out great.

That looks pretty damn awsome! Definetly beats paying $10 for the SS balaclava!
Saw the same book ,and plan on doing a similar bash. Can't wait for that book. Can't wait to see your figure too. Looks AWESOME!!!!!
I like it. I was going to make one of my own after seeing some regular infantry wearing it in 05-06.
Your skull pattern actually looks like the main one/original one sold. Good job WarDog. :thumb
That looks fantastic. Great job.
Thanks guys
I painted the BBI balaclava with thinned acrylic white in layers and touched it up with black for the details.Waiting to order some parts from GSTG to finish him out.I wil post some more WIP as I go.
Thanks agian
I applaud your effort my friend and it turned out really good. I second the notion of doing one yourself rather than paying serious bucks for a SS's version should be the way to go. Good job :thumb
That is seriouly slick! Fantastic work!! :thumb
1 - 20 of 42 Posts
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