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Tonight's review is a bit of an odd ball. I picked up a variety of sixth scale accessories from a dealer on Ebay this last month, on the recommendation of Jin Saotome. I bought a couple different Samurai swords, an flintlock rifle, as well as a much more modern machine gun. These are all high quality, and the price was right, but the scale is better on some over others. You can check out the review at the usual:

I also have the results of the first annual Poppies! I've compiled the votes of the 91 judges, and have the results posted tonight. The contest is obviously closed now, and I'll have the winner picked this weekend, as well as having my own list of Best and Worsts for 2007 posted. Thanks to all the judges who helped with the awards, and let me know what you think! Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend,

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