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With five high scoring reviews in a row, the streak of amazing toys has been, well, amazing! Can tonight's contenders keep the dream alive? Unfortunately, no.

I'm looking at the Sideshow exclusive versions of Shaun and Ed from the terrific flick Shaun of the Dead. With the popularity of sixth scale zombies these days, you'd think having a couple recognizable zombie killers in the mix would make for a terrific display. The end result is less than attractive, however. Originally, I thought the head sculpts and paint would let me down, but it turns out that the old Sideshow body and the awful costumes did these two in.

However, you'll get a chance to see a photo of an upcoming zombie in one photo…wonder who's making that one?

You can find all the reviews at the usual:

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!


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Sigh...that's a shame...was really looking forward to these two. I think the Nick Frost HS doesn't suffer from the "surprise look" as much as Simon's likeness (or lack of). Those big ol' bug eyes remind me of the first Luke Skywalker by Sideshow (makes me think Sideshow should've gotten a copy of NECA's 1/6 Pegg I was hoping at some point to use them in a bash from the flick Hot Fuzz (give the Pegg HS a shave)...won't happen now. Dissapointingly both of these figures could have been pulled off much better. Thanks for the review as usual.

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Ho hum,

Another license bites the dust! I'm a huge fan of SOTD and was extremely disappointed when I saw these two. Had NECA done a 12" Ed as well as Shaun then things might not have been quite so bad, ah well....

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