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High Speed Recon Mech
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Okay, when I first saw it in the case, I decided to switch to it instead of the Flash Gordon figure I was really planning on buying instead.

4 pairs of hands, 2 pairs of booted feet, full of gear and with a cool looking headsculpt and paintop, Prometheus SideShow body, loads of patches, and "more realistic" forearms arms peeking out of rolled back sleeves, at a special "No Box but New and Complete price", I figured how could I go wrong.

Only 750 of the 2 head "Do Rag" versions offered, while the regular head issue was limited to 2000. Sold out at SS, but I could still find new in box product out there for $124USD to $200USD.

So I get it home, and start really checking things out.

Okay so the first things that strikes me is that this fancy and cool "crotch stand" is why it might cost so much, with all of that intellectual property stuff printed all over it, but the crotch stand does function without messing up a fully loaded figure.

Here are the rest of the hands and the "On Your Toes" booted feet. In and out of the figure they go with no sweat.

The very cool Velcro working patches and helmet decals ...

The very nice Smoke Grenades and Baseball Grenades ( you get 3 of these ) ...

The "Official" GIJOE Team Laser rifle ( okay if I want him to play "tag" sometime I guess )...

The M60 with "Rock N Roll" and "Snake Charmer" scrawled on it ...

The Ammo belts are mostly nice, molded semi hard plastic, and with little holes and matching "teets" to join them up ...

... and the M60's loading area works nicely without giving you the creeps you will break it just trying to open it, and the foregrip slides nicely up and down the lower Pickitinny Rail with just the right tension, but here is where the trouble starts.

I checked online for other reviews and real ARMY Training videos, and the front sling mount seems to come from the SideShow factory sometimes on the right, and sometimes on the left, and the customer can't change it without tearing the whole gun apart. With it being on the right, it really messes with the sling being able to really work well, and yes, mine is mounted on the right. I find that sucks, as it makes the sling too short to go into what I think based on research is the right configuration for use. Slings are for more than just carrying a gun, they are also used to properly control the gun when in certain firing modes. At 23 lbs. in basic configuration, I can't fathom an M60 Gunner trying to "Rambo" one of these in full auto very often if at all. I would want that sling to help take some of the weight off my hands, get that gunbutt deep back into my shoulder or along my waistline, and let my left arm to help tighten everything up by just pushing out my left elbow from inside the sling to steady things.

The Sheath Knife they meant to strap to the lower left leg, is a kludge, a real study in "Suckafication".

The straps to hold the hardsheath onto the leg mount, are junk straight out of the box, and even if they worked, the whole rig here would look more like a very poor joke of a leg splint, and the leg straps are so wide and heavy, it would drive me nuts strapped on my calf. So to fix the M60 sling problem, I used one of the Knife straps to be an extender for the M60 sling, and shoved the knife and hardsheath into the top of the backpack rig just peeking out. I might get brave and "duct tape" that whole knife rig sans the ugly cloth bit onto one of the backpack straps that come over the shoulder and down the chest later.

The "Bent Toes" Boots are a cool concept, and was suggested by others online this would help in more realistically posing the figure. I found this to be a "hit or miss" operation in actual use.

This figure is using the same body as the older SideShow Toys Indiana Jones but with the special "skin" bicep and forearm , but I find the first round Indiana Jones figure to be a more solid, better made, tighter, and more posable figure than this Rock and Roll figure. Still this "R&R" figure has some charm of it's own.

The rest of the stuff is for the most part really nice. The .45 Pistol is nice, with a working slide and 2 magazines, one for the pistol and one for the strap down holster.

The plastic canteens depicting plastic canteens ( did you really need me to show you the canteens? ) look good but have no working features, other than to fit into the pouches made for them. The cardboard boxes for the 7.62 ammo look nice and fit well into their pouches.

Overall, all of the storage rigs look and work nicely, the little clips work without undo force, and stay closed when they should. My only gripe here is the Velcro used to serve as closures on some of the pouches, seem to be a bit weak for really doing their job. I really like the MOLLE pack, and it works nicely, here showing it can carry the helmet.

The Helmet and Beret mostly are nice, and fit the head well. You are given a sheet of pads to install in the Helmet ( with NO instructions ), and they do improve the fit on the head.

While the Helmet looks nice, I fear it is a bit fragile, as it has 4 little swivel clips for the 4 straps, and I almost choked when I heard one snap open while I tried to first install the Helmet, but it didn't snap open at first because the factory was a bit over generous with the glue, and all 4 swivel points had to be gently opened and painted to hide the ugly white residue that covered them. Not ONE Strap was installed correctly on mine, and I had to remove and rethread every one of them to get the straps to work correctly. Also took a lot of time to work out the strap lengths to get the whole rig to work and look correct on the figure's head ( just you wait until you try to get the chin strap in place ).

You also get a Red Tee Shirt with some surfer shop logo on it, and a set of Dog Tags ( which are loaded with data and look nice if you let them hang out of the shirt ). Some have complained that the gear looks "orange" in color, but in natrual light to my eye and cameras are a shade of brown which I found look like what some pictures of real troops seem to be wearing, and I like the contrast it gives to the green gear and uniform, which by the way also looks nice with only a few out of place stitches here and there, but it does overal look like it was tailored for this figure, and like a lot of the stuff included, has a subtle bit of dirt and wear details here and there. I would have loved to get the "extra special Do Rag" head, as it looks great, shows some real age, focus, and scars from a lifetime of combat, but those are going to be hard to come by.

So, is this figure set worth $200 USD? No.

$150USD? No. $125USD, No. $100USD, NO!!

It's barely worth what I did pay for it. I have $10USD figures that pose and work better than this figure. It is a joy to have hands that are actually engineered to work with the items they were made to hold without ruining the item or themselves when you use them, and they don't give you that creepy feeling that you are going to break things if you dare use them either. But this new SS body doesn't work as well as their own first issue Indiana Jones body, and to get those sexy exposed arms means you loose some articulation points, and then there is the question of what happens over time when softer plastics stay in contact with the harder plastics, and even the hardplastic on this figure doesn't look as good as the older Jones figure either. I have some joints on this one that get pretty sticky and hard to move, and that again doesn't happen with the older Jones offering, and yet then has joints that feel pretty weak in contrast. Oddly, the "naked" hands on this figure look out of place, as the exposed balljoint at the wrist really stands out, and the mixed colors and sheens of the hands, arms, and joints don't really match. The gloved hands look best, period.

I want to like this figure, I really do, I keep fiddling around with it, fixing this and that, looking into this or that. The whole "posed feet" thing has lots of potential, but it really needs to be better engineered and executed, and needs better joints in other places to support the new loads they face in real use. To be honest, I really regret I didn't buy that Flash Gordon or even the Buck Rogers figures I have been keeping an eye on for some time, instead of being seduced and teased with this Rock and Roll figure at the last minute before purchase. Just one more nail in the coffin in my book, that more "expensive" doesn't always means "better", or consistancy with prior released product, even within the same Brand.

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I had this figure. . . I really wanted to like it, but there were just too many "little things" that added up to a disappointment. I too noticed the sling was too short, the knife sheath was just weird, the knee swivels were very loose. I even returned one of the bodies because of the loose joints (SSC quickly sent a replacement, but it had the same problem).

I'm really surprised to hear you prefer the 'first issue' Indiana Jones body. . . that body was incredibly floppy, maybe you got a good one?? The Belloq figure was much better, but the Henry Sr I have/had was not as good as Belloq, but not as bad as Indy. Overall though, I would say the Prometheus body is inconsistent. The Greedo I have is good, the Bossk I have is good, the Rock N Roll was bad, the Padawan Obi-Wan is o-kaaaay, not quite "good".

I think the main problem is weight distribution in the body. I don't think the joints in the legs and hips are strong enough to hold the upper body. Most of my problems with the Prometheus involve it simply falling over in simple poses rather than 'droopy' arms or something like that. The hard molded boots restrict the ankles and really don't allow you to get a good solid footing with the figure in an action pose.

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