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Shrinking plastic goggles?

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OK, so I bought some paratrooper goggles for my cy girl, but they simply are too big. Is there any feasible way to shrink them to about 3/4 the original size? Thanks.
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If they are the bolle goggles you could try removing 1-2mm (depending) from each side of the lens and then fit the lens into the rubber frame with a bit of glue.

If its the dust goggles, you could cut away the lens from the frame, shrink the frame in acetone, then shave down the sides of the lens and glue back into frame.

I've tried the first method, and it works ok but isn't 1:1 accurate. Be careful not to use too much glue or you will fog up the lenses.
These are the goggles.

Which method do you think will work better? Second one seems better, but you haven't tried it. Thanks.
I would cut out the bridge of the nose and replace it with something smaller to make the profile narrower.
thanks. so what about the lenses? they're huge for the figure's head.
None of the two techniques seem to work. Anyone have any ideas?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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