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Show off your ATV/Helicopters

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Anyone have some great ATV's or littlebird heli's they'd like to show. I've exhausted my searches and figure a good little thread might just do the trick. It's nice to be back too hope everyone's doing well!
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I did this one a while back... Not sure if it great or good or really awful:lol but it was fun to muddy up. Here it is:
dude that is sick! The weathering is freaking A-mazing. nice man really nice.
Been working off and on for over a year trying to get this one right (still working)...

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You opened up a can-o-worms when you asked for helicopters,........and proceeded to, in the same instant, slam it shut and seal it in ten feet of concrete. I was hoping Folkwulfe would show up. With his project in, all bets are off. Masterful job.
Dude!!! Thanks for the cudo's...but there are PLENTY of vastly better helos and ATV's out there. The door isn't closed.....the door is wide open! Show us your stuff...and be prepared to tell us what you did and how you did it... I am....
I so envy you Folkwulfe, It amazes me at how you turned that some what blank shell of a TUS chopper and created such a work of art :D
Folkewulfe that is one purdy helo you got there! Very nice work.
Thanks guys, but it really wasn't as hard as it looks. I wish I could take credit for all the mods, but to be honest, several of them were the expertise of some really good guys out there. All I did was look for things I wanted to do and asked how others did theirs. You'd be VERY surprised at how really easy some of the mods were and make the 21C littlebird shine as a display piece. I have another bird in the tear-down stop lights and sounds!!! The rotors are going to turn'n burn and all the lights will work. A sound chip mounted inside the body will project the sound of a real turbine helo engine going through start-up and shut-down sequence...and all coordinated with the rotor speed to make it look real. Cost of the electronic board (with embedded sound chip and controller) is around $100.00. But the look on people's faces as she cranks....PRICELESS!!!! The byline is....your only limitations are your imagination. Time to exercise that muscle between your ears and you may surprise yourself with what you can do. Good luck and good hunting! And if you get stuck, drop me a line or any of the other very fine artisans that are right here just waiting to be asked. Another PRICELESS!!
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sounds like it'll be badass Folkwulfe, Id try to mod up my little bird but Im actually afraid Ill screw it up...and since they range from 15 - 150 bucks on ebay....
Got some stock items. I'll show them soon, before they transform. Check out the bright yellow Schwimmwagen behind FWs smoking OH-6. Still loving it FW.
I second SWAT this stuff is awesome
Very nice Griz!!! I love the ATV stuff...when I was in the Army they were using Kawasaki 185cc dirtbikes for scouts. I especially liked the bikes mounted to the skids of a Huey where they could off-load in an instant and be gone. That was the days I was heavily into motocross too....You guys do special work!
OK, So none of mine have been reworked yet, but are all in some sort of planning stages. I introduce to you my collection of rides; Polaris Sportsman, Kawasaki Mojave 250, RC Yamaha Raptor, Kawasaki MX Bike.

I also have an AH-6 Little Bird, but it has gone the furthest in work, and is just a pile of parts right now. In for an overhaul of sorts.


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