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Shoot Em Up...

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Picked it up on DVD today. I missed it in the theatres. It was the most extreme, unrealistic and somewhat cheezy action film I had ever seen. The gunfights were overly violent and defied any means of logic. The plot was non existant and the characters were offensive.

I loved every damn minute of this movie!

The bloody ponytail scene... brilliant!

I'm a British nanny and I'm dangerous.

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Violence for it's own sake, can be entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, it's The Three Stooges with guns, and just as serious....
Ryan, you hit it right on the head! my 19 year old son and I were on the floor cracking up!!!
Its wasnt unrealistic, he was Black Ops for christ sake!!!
I laughed my ass off at the theater when I watched it.
This was the best "turn off your brain and enjoy" popcorn movie I have seen in a long time. I loved it. The road rage scene was priceless. His entire commentary during the scene was bang on.
Enjoyed it thoroughly. A truly bizarre little movie!
Well it's the movie that defines the "hired gunmen look", and indicates they may be unionized.
Yeah. They've been doing a good trade since Hard Target.
One of the coolest movie in a long while.
Senseless, violent and funny. Rock on!:thumb
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