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BIG Chief Studios announces that their 10th Doctor and 4th Doctor 1:6 scale figures will be arriving in their warehouse at the start of December.

Manufacturing is scheduled to be completed at the end of November. The usual route to ship goods is by ocean freight, the problem being that this takes around 6 weeks to arrive, then subsequently additional time to reach customers. However, BIG Chief are all too aware that collectors have been waiting for these figures and so they have made the decision to ship the stock via air freight. This takes around 1 week to arrive in the warehouse. Given the late completion date this was the only option available to BIG Chief to ensure that their customers would receive their figures in time for the holidays.

BIG Chief are importing sufficient stock to meet direct orders for the sold-out 10th Doctor and the 4th Doctor. It should be pointed out that they are only importing enough stock of the 4th Doctor to cover direct orders, plus some surplus stock of the Limited Edition figure only which will be on sale at the upcoming Doctor Who 50th Celebration Event.

BIG Chief will begin processing all orders for both the 10th Doctor and the 4th Doctor figures the last week of November.

If you have so far only paid your Deposit Payment, you will need to make your balance payment, plus shipping by Friday 6th December.

If you have paid by Payment Plan you will need to make your balance payment, if you have not already done so, plus shipping by Friday 6th December.

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