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- Do Marines wear unit insignia similar to the eBay auction below?

- Which Marine desert uniform is better between the two: BBI or DML? (see link for BBI one)

- Do Marines wear rank on their uniforms or are their uniforms similar the the eBay auction?

- Which Marine boot is better between the two, BBI or DML?

- Do Marines have the velcro insignia (saw it on "The Unit" where the operators had "MP" velcroed unto the side)

- Which Interceptor vest is the better of both brands? (DML or BBI)

- Is the BBI Uniform on the links below an accurate representation of the basic Marine loadout circa late December 2006 in Iraq?

eBay Auction (BBI Uniform)

BBI Boots

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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If you want to get an early-war Marine bash done sooner, get the DML bundle, but it won't be accurate to the time period you're trying to represent. By that time, Marines had all been issued MARPAT and Coyote Brown IBA OTVs. Pouches might be in three color or woodland, but that's about it. BBI never got around to producing an IBA OTV in Coyote, as best as I can recall.

I'd say BBI edges DML in just about all respects, but three color uniforms aren't one of them. The colors BBI use are too dark, and the material is too thick. Marines don't have a tendency to be as Velcro-happy or as big on unit insignia as the other branches (especially the Army). Typically (and I'm no expert on jarheads, so take this with a grain of salt) the only badging on the MCCUU is a name tape and branch tapes, rank on the collar, and the Corp emblem on the left hand breast pocket. I'm sure there's exceptions.

Check out the reference thread in the 1:1 section (both the MEU SOC and Groundpounder threads). Lots of good photos.

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Depends on which period of the Iraq War your going for. If it was early war ie. March '03 to April '04 the uniform mostly issued to Marines were DCUs with Woodland IBAs. There was a spot of the new desert MARPAT out there, mostly in the form of kevlar covers and a uniform or two that they were far and few between. Pouches were basically a combination of MOLLE woodland and the old-style ALICE pouches. They also carried the M16A2 rifle, a few M16A4s were about but not ever Marine had one. No eyepro or gloves unless it was a personal expection.

Mid-War Iraq Marines, April '04 to June '06 were now sporting the USMC new MARPAT uniform and coyote brown IBAs. The pouches they were using was now all MOLLE but a cross between woodland and DCUs. None of the new IFAKs were issued on a wide bases for Marines already in threater but by the early '05 more of the replacement units were showing up with them. After the spring of '05 all Marines were sporting them. All Marines were now issued M16A4 w/ ACOGs after selecting it as their next new battle rifle in the summer of '04 with most Marines having it by early '05. Started seeing eyepro issued and worn by Marines in the field along with nomax gloves.

Current Iraq Marine, July '05 to present is what you see on the news most often. Marines in MARPAT with CB IBAs complete with groin, throat, side plates and DAPS, M16A4 w/ ACOGs, eyepro, gloves, knee pads. Basically the whole nine yards.

Insignia - Marines only wear pin on, subdued rank on their collars only. I've also seen some wearing it on front of their IBAs as well. No sew on or velcro rank. Name tapes and US Marines tape are the only authorized item to be sewn on a USMC uniform.

DML or BBI? - DML, cheaper and better of the two. HTs makes the best MARPAT (to a certain degree), but its very expansive and hard to come by. Boots, toss up IMHO. Also take what you see on TV shows with a grain of salt for accuracy involving military uniforms. Movies are somewhat better but ummm well they take liberties as well.

Loadout - Users preference but at the min. you would want mag pouches, enough for six mags, camelbak, IFAK, a utlity pouch or or, and radio pouch.

Hope this helps.

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Accurate is kind of subjective, it depends on the person. There are several companies that make desert MARPAT: Toy Soldier, Hot Toys, and Saturday Toys. Finding MARPAT available in the marketplace is going to be your next problem. Hope this helps.
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