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This is a rare figure - only 250 were made. I must thank AW1772, who originally commissioned this figure to mark the Corps' disbandment in 1997, for letting me have this.

First some background from Wikipedia:
Hong Kong Military Service Corps (HKMSC) (Chinese: 香港軍事服務團) was a British army unit and part of the British garrison in Hong Kong (see British Forces Overseas Hong Kong). Throughout the history of Hong Kong, it has been the only regular British army unit raised in the territory made up almost entirely of Locally Enlisted Personnel (LEP).

The unit was raised in the 1950s/60s with Hong Kong citizens of Chinese descent who have served in the various artillery and coastal defence units during the Battle of Hong Kong in the Second World War. For this reason, members of the HKMSC were frequently nicknamed locally as sui lei pao bing 水雷砲兵 (water mine or coastal artillery soldiers). The unit was disbanded in the early 1990s due to the handover of Hong Kong's sovereignty from the United Kingdom to the People's Republic of China in 1997.

The unit's headquarters and training depot were located first at Lyemun Barracks between Shaukeiwan & Chaiwan, and latterly at Stonecutters Island. Divided into several squadrons, the unit was commanded by a British career officer (a Lieutenant Colonel) with the assistance of a British or Chinese Regimental Sergeant Major. For most of its existence, the unit has been crucial in providing the British garrison in Hong Kong with support personnel such as drivers, dog-handlers, intelligence operators, interpreters, cooks, clerks, guards, military police WOs & NCOs etc.

During the 1990s the HKMSC provided personnel to a number of overseas United Nations peacekeeping operations. The unit maintained no battle honour prior to its disbandment.
The figure is almost straight out of the box. I added a piece of card to the crown of the hat to give it more shape and spread it out, added a 'fist' right hand (almost "right thumb down seam of trouser" but not quite), and gave the boots a coat of black acrylic to simulate a high polish. The hat could do with a couple of stitches in the back to give it more of a military shape - at the moment it looks a little like a policewoman's in shape!

I have seen a photo of the actual person the HS is based on, and it is a very good likeness. As I don't know where he is to gain his permission, I won't post his pic here.

The belt-buckle is a miniature work of art:

(although it looks like I've lost a button :cry: )

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It always baffled me why DML didn't ever do a Royal Hong Kong Regiment figure (although Sgt Larry's figs seems to have nailed the look). Now what would be interesting is a kitbash of one of the military Sikh guards stationed at Stonecutters' Island - I can't remember what cap badge they wore but I don't think they were HKMSC ...
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