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Seaforth Highlanders, 1890s. New pictures

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Erm, I thought that with this figure already having been seen in the 'Victorians' thread, he would 'out stay his welcome' if I posted more pictures. However I took some more today and they looked O.K so I thought you might like to see a few more.

I'm grateful to Tony Barton for the mess tin, belt buckle and hat badge and to Rob at OSS for the information on the Seaforth's collar dogs.

The regiment was originally created through the amalgamation of the 72nd Highlanders (Duke of Albany's Own) and the 78th Highlanders (Ross-shire Buffs). The regimental museum is located at Fort George near Inverness.

The Seaforth Highlanders were combined with the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders to form the Queen's Own Highlanders in 1961. More recently, the Queens Own Highlanders and Gordon Highlanders were combined to form The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons). In May 2006 all the Scottish Infantry Regiments merged to form the Royal Regiment of Scotland. The Highlanders became the 4th Bn of the new Regiment.

The pics:
This figure was originally meant to be a Sutherland Highlander from Robert Gibb's painting of 'The Thin Red Line'. If you know this painting, you'll maybe recognise my attempt to emulate the facial expressions of the Scots as they bravely repelled the waves of Russian cavalry during the Battle of Balaclava. I then got sidetracked with my interest in the Slade Wallace equipment an all its variations, which eventually led to this.
All his leather equipment is scratchbuilt as is the bonnet, sporran, canteen and jacket. The haversack is a conversion as is the rifle (two spliced together). The remaining parts are stock DiD or Sideshow items.

The full doublet jacket was more commonly worn during this era but this pattern which is the 1860s pattern was still in use. I don't feel brave enough to attempt a doublet yet!

The feather bonnet was done by shaving all the silly stuff of the DiD Angus bonnet and replacing it with feathers cut from an ostrich feather duster. I trimmed it where it needed to be short and left it long for the tail. I made a new headband for it and salvaged the Angus diceband with the middle row painted black.

The next pic shows the bayonet being detached. I shortened the handle of the bayonet and drilled a small hole in the end so it could be slotted onto the muzzle and bayonet fitting snugly.

Next pic shows a close up of his ammo packs with a full load of 50 rounds
The bullet packs are small milliput rectangles wrapped in greaseproof paper and bound with twine.

I Milliputted over his knee joints for a bit more realism so his flexibility is pretty restricted but his ankles and hips still move


Hope you like the new pics.
All comments are welcome
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beautiful work, the bullet pouch is particularly brilliant
Amazing details. Love the look of the feather bonnet and the ammo pouches are detailed just right. He looks posessed!

Another great job. The sporran is first rate. I love the little metal bands at the top of the tassel. I'm really impressed how much is scratch built. It looks professionally made!

Very nice work.

Always a pleasure to see a Highlander represented in 1/6th.

Thanks for the comments folks.
Norm; the metal beads are just plastic beads from a pack of assorted types bought in a cheap art shop. A coat of gold paint and that's how they turn out.

That is outstanding. When I read the title I was thinking Canadian Seaforth's, but this is just as cool. Well done.
Simply wonderful. My favourite has to be the scartchbuilt bullet pouch. :thumb :thumb
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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