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1/6 GOT season 1 daenerys targaryen khaleesi mother of dragons

limited works by us !!!

( sculpt & paint by RC : sculptforever | Facebook )

( clothes by Milk Pinke Fa : Wonder Doll Tailor | Facebook )

1. rooted painted head...
unpainted head...

2. whole figure = (VERYCOOL FX02 FEMALE MEDIUM BUST BODY C: MEDIUM TAN/ASIAN) + painted rooted head + clothes + boots + ring, bracelet...

3. clothes + boots + ring, bracelet (fit VERYCOOL FX02 FEMALE MEDIUM BUST BODY, hot toys ada wong body, hot toys Pepper Potts body)...

4. painted boots...
unpainted boots...

more photos : sculptforever - Photos | Facebook

expected delivery time : 2017 May...

let me know if you are interested...please email me...
e-mail : [email protected]

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that head looks good, and overall a nice outfit set. my only question is why a vc body? why wouldn't you use a phicen? i personally feel that phicens look better, are more durable, and have better articulation then most if not all of the non seamless bodies. now, i should say that the top's material looks too thick to be to scale, but i think i know why. other than that...i gotta say you have some talent my friend. so keep up the good work.
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