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"Scud Hunter" team...more from the "Storm", 1991

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"scud hunter" team...more from the "Storm", 1991

My "scud hunter" team is based (loosely) on Andy McNab's book "B-2-0".
I just love the British pattern desert BDU and was inspired by the story of the SAS behind lines during the "Storm", Iraq, 1991.

The Uniform and equipment was weathered, faces camouflage with cammo stick and all weapons & RTO "colored keyed" to Brit cammo pattern.

enjoy and thanks,
itchyrider, south Tx.

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Who'da thunk those were some ol' 21st uniforms--? They look GREAT!

As do your figures! Excellent work!
Nice job. Looking at the pictures first time, I thought they were
Man you did a fantastic job, great job on the repaint of the 21 C items, they look so much better now!

Freakin' awesome bro. Great work on old school 21C pieces. :thumb
WOW!! The figures look great, and the weathering is simply top notch!!! :thumb :thumb
Awesome job on the figures, they look superb!! :thumb
Thank you all for the above kind words that mean a lot to me.

itchy rider
Man,they look great!! :thumb :thumb :thumb
rangerg282 said:
Man,they look great!! :thumb :thumb :thumb
thanks Ranger282,

first time I have gotten three (3) thumbs up! thanks a lot.

Really cool looking figure you put together there! TUS uni's are a big part of everyone's past on this board. I can remember the days when we used to hit up the local Target to see what was new on the shelf. Good memories of recent past.
Great team Itchy!
Old Skool ROCKSSSS.....amazingly revamped the classic.........COOLLLLLLLLLL....
That looks awesome!

Love the nice cam job!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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