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Years ago while I was wondering around on ebay I found some 2 inch train wheels, so I bought them and some track to build a narrow gauge engine, the Germans used them at larger gun emplacements to move ammo from storage to the guns, they also used them during construction projects, and since my modeling history began with HO scale trains I knew some day I would have to build a little engine!
My biggest problem was finding drawings with dimensions, I looked all over and couldn't find anything,so my wheels and tracks gathered dust for a couple years, until a couple weeks ago my family and I went to a model train show, there was a guy there with a G scale narrow gauge set up, he had a live steam timber engine and a couple narrow gauge diesels, I hoped he had scratch built them and had some plans, but he bought them as kits, but he gave me a bunch of ideas on words to search on google, so I spent a week digging through google using various search words, until I found one listing that linked me to Pintrest, what a treasure trove, my wife uses it all the time but I just thought it was goofy stuff for women, was I wrong!
After digging through many different engines and drawings I settled on a Jung EL105, it's big enough for detailing but not so big it would take up a whole bench,I had to modify it a little bit because my wheels are 2 foot and the wheels were originally only 18 inches, but unless you have a picture next to it you would never know.
The whole thing is build from sheet styrene,except for the axels and wheels!
I have a lot of detail work now, but I have plenty of pictures to go by, and the weather has been so nasty that I can't work outside so I heat up my man cave and spend most of the day out there, I'll post more pictures as things progress.
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