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Scratch-built KRISS WIP

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I have decided to again try my hand at scratchbuilding since seeing the SCAR by PemGreene. Although I did not have most of the resources on hand as I would have liked (Hobby shops in my area SUCK!!!), I decided to give into the burn and attempt it anyway, it turned out a little shorter than I would have liked as well, I guess I can fix it on the next one. It is not finished but close enough to some feedback. Learned a few lessons on how to piece what together and when to piece them together. Here it is, be gentle. :bag


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Looks fantastic! I can't wait to see it painted.
Man,that's sweet!Very cool weapon!!!
looks great! If I may ask, how did you do the stock. Did you use the hing on the stock or make another.
Impressive work! Very nice custom weapon!
Looks fantastic!!
Holy thspit! That is freakin cool!

I have to admit ignorance though. I am not familiar with that weapon, is this a real gun or sci-fi? Either way it's freakin awesome.
Looks pretty nice, I bet it'll look great in a figure's hands. I want to scratch up some weapons someday when I'm free ~_~
I am not sure what it is supposed to look like as I am not up on a lot of the current firearms technology but that is one cool looking weapon.
Wow, very nice. Cdnrhino should get of his butt and finish his custom.
Very Nice! like HP said man hurry up and finish
That's sweet!!! Yeah, like HP said, "Hurry up and finish."
Hold your horses.... I have all the parts made, but I am looking at casting it. I'm having trouble getting the right materials though. Besides, I saw a silencer, and a new stock for it and I have to do those.
Hiya, K9Cop33!

SWEET! You're off to one helluva great start on that puppy, despite your limited hobby shop resources. Thank goodness fot 21st Century and their weapons sets... great fodder for works like this. Look forward to seeing the finished piece.

Proud son of Rose and Wes
Looks sweet !
Damn, now I'll have to try one (shaking fist)..... see what you started ;0)
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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