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1945 and the allies have reached the central command bunker, all was apparently lost to Germany…..

Spring 1941, reports from Stalingrad reach the Kremlin of worker units attached to the peoples defence brigade excavating and laying foundations for the cities defences have unearthed an extraterrestrial craft with crew. A few bits of the escape crafts propulsion system, stabilizer rockets and thruster systems were salvaged but the rest was totally unusable. Due to the harsh Russian winters, the crew, although dead were perfectly preserved still strapped to their seats. A story tells of a falling star some years ago in the surrounding area. It comes to light that it was an escape pod from circa 1908, where the mothership exploded 8 km above Tunguska.

Scientists were immediately dispatched from the University of Moscow with a small armed guard so not to attract attention. These twelve, sympathetic to the Nazi party, believed in the final victory of Germany and they would be granted a place in the new 1000 year Reich for their collaboration. An encrypted transmission was sent during the month of June, directly to Berlin, notifying Hitler personally of the discovery and the Stalin's plans to relocate the "package" by December 1941.

The German army was already setting fire to and waging a successful campaign in Russia. German generals were astonished when Hitler suddenly ordered the 6th army to turn 90 degrees away from the prize of Moscow and head south proceeding at lighting speed for Stalingrad. Only the highest ranking officers were privy to the truth behind the sudden out of character diversion.

"Capture the package at all costs. Failure is not an option". These were the orders. Success was inevitable and the package which was already boxed in various sized crates for Moscow was shipped out on Junkers 52 transports days before the army was completely cut off and surrounded.

Hitler thought this perfect. A way to keep the transport secret had been gifted him by the red army. He sacrificed the 6th army for this secret. The promise of reinforcements and rescue were simply just empty words, knowing fully that those who knew were loyal party members and none of them would ever be taken prisoner favouring the 9mm express.

The question was… to proceed.

January 20, 1942, 15 German officials attended a conference at Wannsee on the outskirts of Berlin. The meeting was comprised of ranking SS commanders and a variety of government ministers. The meeting was organized by SS Major Adolf Eichmann under the direction of Chief of Security Reinhard Heydrich. It was a polite conference with rich food and fine wines, but under this thin veneer of manners lay an evil intent. By the end of the meeting, the fate of the world would be altered forever. The topic had been given the codename "The Final Solution". This was a program to genetically produce an army of replaceable and unlimited cloned hybrid warriors. The technology salvaged from the crash site was also utilised in the program.

The concentration camps in Europe were already housing political dissidents, artists, homosexuals and intellectuals. This had been standard procedure since the Nazi party came to power in the 30's. Jews, persecuted through out history, were being rounded up for "resettlement" to the ghettos in the east.

"We will use these facilities as our research sites, now have unlimited experimental material to proceed" Eichmann retorted gleefully rubbing his hands. "Once we have perfected the method only the purest of Arian cells will be used for the Furher's vision of a new model army".

April 20th 1945 and it's the Führers birthday. Deep from under the Reichstag building Hitler orders the unleashing of his ultimate unit…..his last throw of the dice…..millions of replaceable, unquestioning hybrid warriors, "der Sternsturm…..the star storm".

The result…..1949 and the Battle for Berlin is in its fourth year with no end in sight. The allies have been thrown back across the Rhine. Japan has been out of the war for years since the dropping of two atomic bombs. The Americans wanted to drop a third and fourth on Germany but were overruled by the Allied governments stating that Germanys infrastructure and industrial sites have to remain intact adding the consequence of civilian losses and radiation fallout on European soil was completely unacceptable.

It is crystal clear; the 1000 year Reich preached of at the 1937 Nuremburg rally is all but now true.

Historical Events Listing

April, 1940 - Himmler ordered the establishment of a concentration camp at Auschwitz. These camps are to house the political dissidents, opponents of the party, artists, homosexuals and intellectuals.

April, 1940 - The ghetto at Lodz, Poland, was sealed off.

June, 1940 - Germany invaded Holland, Belgium, and France.

June, 1940 - Marshal Petain surrenders France to the Germans.

September, 1940 - The Warsaw Ghetto was sealed off, making thousands of Jews inside virtual prisoners under house arrest.

June, 1941 - The Germans attacked and declared war on the Soviet Union.

June, 1941 - an encrypted transmission sent to Berlin notifying Hitler personally of the discovery of an alien craft unearthed in the suburbs of Stalingrad.

July, 1941 - Wearing of the Jewish Star was decreed in the German-occupied states. This was a blind as it really kept a check on the numbers of experimental material.

July, 1941 - S.S. Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich was appointed by Goering to carry out "The Final Solution".

September, 1941 - the German 6th army split and head south to Stalingrad.

October, 1941 - Mass deportation to concentration camps of Jews from all over Nazi-controlled Europe begin. Experiments begin in earnest.

November, 1941 - 15,000 experiments in Rovno.

December, 1941 - 27,000 experiments in Riga.

December, 1941 - Chelmno death camp on the Ner River in Poland opened and the first gassing of failed experiments take place.

The year of 1942 and early 1943 - breakthroughs are made at an astounding rate. The first successes are paraded for Hitler. The thought processes of the hybrids are manipulated at genetic level to obey the furher's orders. It is estimated that a fully grown, battle ready hybrid can be grow in three months.

Winter of 1943 - finally, the tattered and frozen German 6th army on the Eastern front surrenders to the Soviets at Stalingrad. High ranking officers are found. All committed suicide. The secret that Hitler has gambled on is safe.

October, 1943 - Hitler ordered that all Jews of Denmark be deported to the camps in Poland. Further refinements in the methods of control are needed.

March, 1944 - The Germans invaded and occupied Hungary. Deportations of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz followed under the direction of Adolf Eichmann. Mostly all of the half-million Hungarian Jews were sent to the experimental camps.

June, 1944 - D-Day. The Allies invaded France at Normandy. Production is already in full swing and the growing processes are moved to the underground lair complex of the Reichstag building in Berlin.

June, 1944 - Vergeltungswaffen or revenge weapons suddenly appear. Rocket technology developed from the propulsion system captured in 1941 is put to devastating use. V1 and V2 are the codenames.

April 20th, 1945 - Hitler's birthday is celebrated with the unleashing of "der Sternsturm"……….

thruster packs developed for close aerial combat against allied tank and artillery emplacements

this is linked to my backstory
necromancer brotherhood

the dice already thrown on april 20 1945 the star storm are taking back the german homeland with devastating effect occupied by the allies. the romantic love affair with the reich was almost at an end due to the mounting losses of the german peoples. scientists working on the final solution project had stumbled upon a strange side effect of the genetic splicing of the alien/arian hybrids. cell reanimation. doctors working in the star storm program were able to bring life into dead tissue samples. in practical terms this meant the reanimation, bringing back to life for want of better terms of the fallen, fanatical waffen ss and Hitler youth. ss and die hard party members including the Hitler youth were formed into new elite units and given the division title of "totejugend" or dead youth. these units were extremely successful at the anti-tank operations as units were completely expendable and at a toss of a coin completely replaceable. by the late 1940's in allied command the division totejugend had become know as the necromancer brotherhood.


divisional symbol and operational armband

necromancer tankhunter of the unit "totejugend" [deadyouth].


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Intresting figures, very well done. So, WW2 is still waged in 1949? But what is with the Soviets? Wouldnt they just drop the bomb or even more, push into Berlin with thier sheer amount of human "material"?

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thanks for the comments. as it was my first go at the sci-fi group bash i was getting stuck for ideas. i really did enjoy the time spent on story and bash, although it's not as good as i wanted the bits to look. looking forward to the next one. a bit more planning, and time management for the next i think.
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