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It was having suffered the worst defeat in earth's history that.. by the spring of 2010 all of those remaining nations had no other choice but to combine & intergrate their military forces . Thus the U.E.D.F. United Earth Defence Forces was born never agin would the specter of 2009 be allowed to repeat itself.

By the year 2011 the battle was still raging , with new players to the mix . U.E.D.F. Resources were starting to spread thin by this time ... for the soldiers from the spec op commuinities were tasked with joint operations with the ailen races ( Tal & Kreede ) that had made thier way to earth to help push back the invaders . All information about thesee & Current missions are classifed

Because of the shift in resources , more troops were desperatly needed . So U.E.D.F. began to pull & re-task those from the law enforcement field ...especially ones from SWAT & High threat teams .

Date : Sept. 29 , 2011

Retuning from a deployment overseas Jodi Stewart & Darren Kardinski were part of a 6 man team ... their transport was shot down over the west coast of California , on the outer perimiter of what was once San Francisco. Desperatly trying to make their way through the ruins & link up with friendly forces to be extracted to the nearest U.E.D.F. base .

Jodi Stewart :
Former member of the L.A. County Swat team .
Excells in marksmanship & hand to hand combat
Re assigned to U.E.D.F. ODA team 28 in Aprill of 2010
All other information on her is now classified

Jodi's Belt & drop leg Holster

Jodi's rifle

Darren Kardinski

Former member of Miami - Metro Dade county's Swat team .
Excells in technical communications equipment.
Qualified for Sniper training , but was re- assigned in June 21 2010 to the U.E.D.F. ODA team 28 All other information is now classified .

Darren's Rifle

Foot gear & Arm gaurds

Jodi & Darren

Jodi on the move through the ruins

Wip Pics


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Thanks alot guys , I really appreciate it

Tang : Thanks glad you like them :)
Sir Eaton Flipflop : Mike , thanks alot for all the support , your entry is incredible :)
Arashikage Assasin : Thanks , nice to see you enjoy these figs :)
Gaiagear : Leo , Thanks bro , I really appreciate it. outstanding figs in your entry.. love the retro flava :)

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Thanks for the support everyone I really appreciate it :)

Getoninja : Glad you like the gun mods & leg armor , thanks :)

Rogue Trooper : The Shin & arm gaurds are from the Final Fantsy 12" figs . were originally a 1 piece molded boot that I cut down to articulate & add more realism , Thanks :)

Iron_Mike : Mike , Thanks alot , had lots of fun makin the belt / holster out of leather . Will have to do more of them in future figs :)

Kmok15: Thanks for the support & you enjoy these figs :)

Warlordskeep : Paul , thanks glad the armor & gun mods turned out the way they did & that you dig it :)

2088 : Thanks ... you are too kind . still have much more to learn from everyone here :)

Calvin Lo : Calvin , thanks glad you like Jodi .. was so afraid I was gona mess up the haircut / repaint with the time crunch . Gona have to give your HS modding technique a go here shortly ..I am always amazed at how you pull it off :)

Lucas : Thanks for checking them out :)

jimmiroquai : Thanks for the kind words on the sculpting , on the gun mods I used " Aves apoxie sculpt " . by far the best a/b sculpting medium around . I will not use anything but this for doing any type of modifing :)

Kuroi : Thanks alot :)

MGBB : Ray , thanks again ... have learned so many things from your work , especially weapns mods . Had a few more pieces of gear I wanted to build but time ran out :)

Rogerbee : Roger , thanks , nice to see you like these ... not sure I get the referance ; must be a U.K. thing :)
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