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This is my first tutorial and some of the pics are blurry so I apologize in advance. If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to let me know. Some of the construction is a little complicated so it may not be very clear on how to do a step. The first time that I made this gun it took me about 2 months but, this one took about 3 days.

I decided to make a SCAR-L sniper but all types of SCARs have the same basic form so you should be able to make any with this one basic body. The heavy version will just require a magazine well from the dragon SR-25.

The tools that I use are mainly files, clamps, and saws. I have a whole assortment of styrene tubing, sheets, and rods so, if you do not here are a list of different sizes I used:

1/32 inch styrene rod
1/16 inch styrene rod
3/32 inch styrene tube
5/32 inch styrene tube
7/32 inch styrene tube
9/32 inch styrene tube
1 mm thick sheet of styrene
1.5 mm thick grooved sheet of styrene (for the rails but I forget what the name for it is)
3x3 mm square rod of styrene
5x5 mm square rod of styrene
6x6 mm square rod of styrene

Most of these can be found at your local hobby store or on line but I do not know where. I am sure if you asked some one on this board they could help point you in the right direction.

I like to have pictures form the internet for reference and one that is printed in scale to compare my weapon. I did not measure this one but just changed the size of the picture until the picture's handle matched the ace M4 handle.

I broke the gun in to 4 main parts: the lower receiver, upper receiver, the stock, and the barrel. I started with the lower receiver from an ace M4 I believe (not sure of the company). Now cut the receiver in half where the line already indented on it.

Then file off all of the detail on the magazine well and above the trigger being careful not to file the pistol grip. Also, we need to file the trigger guard as shown in the picture above.

Now to make the magazine well level with the area above the trigger we super glue a piece of 1 mm thick sheet of styrene to each side of the lower receiver with the bottom of the piece lining up with to top of the trigger hole.

File the top and back so that it is flush with the receiver. Also file the sharp edges round so that it looks more natural.

This ends the construction of the lower receiver. We will add all the fine details when the weapon is fully constructed.

Next is an optional part, the magazine mod. To do this you need a M4 magazine that fits in the lower receiver. We super glue two 3/64 inch styrene rod in the two most forward slots on the mag on each side.

After it dries, file off the extra on the bottom of the mag. Then us a hand drill to round off the edge of the styrene rod in the slots.

In case of emergency....
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Pem, let me just say that you rock! It is extremely cool of you to take the time to do this tutorial.
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