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[Scaletta] The Inglorious Colonel Project

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Hey, y`all!)))

My name is Ilya, i`m the owner of Scaletta Studios. We are a group of collectors, who decided to make something cool for our own shelves, and for yours if u would like to)))

Let me introduce our second project. It`s a 3D model, ready to print.

It would be available for purchase, and i will update this thread to show u our progress))) so feel free to ask questions and i will give all the details when all works will be finished)))

So, I hope u`ll like it!)))

Also u can check out previous project

Stay tuned!)))
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Looks really good but I have to ask...why do a head that has been done already by at least three other companies?

There are so many other heads out there you could have done??
Yeah, u right, there was 3 versions of him already - Hot Toys, Cyber Hobby and DID, if i`m not mistaken. But, all of em are so far of Waltz`s cuteness, charisma etc. (IMHO)))))))) Yeah, i have all of em... Once i decided to replace Hot Toy`s one and understood that there are no other good choice))) So only option is to make it myself)))
There are so many other heads out there you could have done??
It`s our second project, and i hope not last, lol
TY!))) Just say "i want in!" and i will keep it in mind))))
Nice modeling, indeed. I think it looks better than the HT sculpt.
Hey y`all))) I`m writin` jaust to let ya know - the model was printed. Soon enough we will show u some updated pics) Stay tuned!
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Not sure what happened and I hope its just the picture but I think something was lost from the first set of photos to the printing stage...It doesn't look like the same sculpt?
Hey, mate) No worries, it`s still him) That print is very wip stage - check our previous project and с what will we have at the end of works)
Hey Hey Hey!) I`m happy to say, that our Colonel project is finished! Here is the final version!

But, that is now all! We decided to convert it to Django version, now we are workin on beard, haircut etc. It will b a full sen figure with clothes and accessories!

And, that is not all again! We also decided to make a Djesus Uncrossed full set - cross, shotgun, katana yoohhhhooooo!!!

Please, feel free to show ur interest or ask questions!)
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Impressive painting! And sculpt of course!
Thanks, mate) soon it will become available to all interested!)
That's cool!
What about price?

Thanks, mate) soon it will become available to all interested!)
Not sure yet, around $166 for painted I think. I will update info soon)
Hey y`all, mates)

It was a little delay, but i have some good news for y`all.

Final version was modified to look even better and right. Chin and nose was resculpted, head was repainted. We think that our colonel looks complete now. Hope y`all like it.

Now, for those mates in the list and everyone new - head is ready to be copied. But, remembering sales of our first project (head was made but customer neva answered), we decided to make a deposit. Price would b $166. deposit would b $80. Please, PM me if u ready to make payment. I need ur paypal address. After receiving the deposit we will make ur copy.
Shipping would b $14 worldwide.

All deposits must b made till december 20th, coz it`s faster and better to make a bunch of HSs than one copy at the time)))

Ur head would b shipped +- 1 moth after;)

p.s. Bewrded Django would be shown soon, i`ll let y`all know;)
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4 days left for deposit, PM if interested!)
after it project would b closed without second run
Thanks) let me know if u wanna join;)
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