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Hey, dear friends )

We are on Kickstarter! Interested in 1/6 custom survival bike by Scaletta? Check this link 1/6 Scale Custom Survival Bike by Scaletta Studio by Scaletta Studio -Kickstarter

Painted and inpainted versions are available. Price info:
- Painted version is $389
- Unpainted version is $308

Now we are able to work together as a team, Scaletta Studio and the Collectors Community. By using Kickstarter we will be able to gauge the interest and keep the release numbers low while still maintaining the quality/craftsmanship at an affordable price.

Minimum quantity for a green light on this project is 100 pcs. We will make more than 100 if they are requested. This round is also testing the Kickstarter platform for future projects - Survival Bike ver. 2? No problemo )))

Join our Fb Group for more info, pics etc. Pm me with any questions

"Dream Big" Rapunzel said. Will you join us on this journey?

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Wow, that's a great model! The details are certainly believable and in the right photoshoot, I doubt it would be easy to tell it is 1:6.

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Very nice work! I've still got three custom 1/6 bikes to finish...
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