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Hi Guys,

I appologize if this has been covered before.
I just received the leather blazer set issued by Saturday Toys, I should say they are excellent! The set includes a leather jacket, a crew neck short sleeve t-shirt, a pair of jeans with web belt and a pair of molded shoes.

Leather jacket--fits DML's body like tailored. The stitches overall show a very careful workmanship. Cutting of lapels are the best that I've seen over the years of blazer/suit style modern releases from major manufacturers. the buttons are functional. And what amzes me the most is the way the button holes are done just the same as 1:1 button holes, not just a simple cut with glue, but very fine stitches.


tailored fitting and nice stitching:

close-up of button hole:

Crew neck s/s t-shirt--it's made of cotton knits. the neck is too bulky at the shoulder seam. it's a minus, but you may get some replacement of beautiful turtle neck or woven shirts out there at very cheap price. So it's not a hurt for me.

Jeans-- it is in a style of heavy washed/distressed and has crinkles aside the front fly and at back of knees. It looks very stylish, but I am gonna narrow the part at thigh a little bit to make it more stylish and more fit.

Shoes--molded of soft rubber, just like the DML's old tricks. No surprise!

With the price of 27 bucks I have to say only the jacket and jeans worth it back. The t-shirt and shoes can be considered as toss-in, not bad.

I replaced the tee with a custom woven shirt and the rubber mold shoes with NLM's in these picture.
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