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Satana Devil Triggered

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This is an old figure I made almost 2 years back. The idea was based on a video game "Devil May Cry". Recently the latest release of the game is out and it is by far the most stylish action game of all. The game gave me an idea to create this CG based on the main character Nero. In this CG, Satana, in her Devil Triggered mode, summons a demon that gives her the ultimate power:

This is the reference pics:

Some unpublished pics:

Original Satana thread:
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Whoah! Great custom! I love the DMC series of've captured the look well!
I still think that's one of your best bashes ever...LOVE the style and overall idea...

Great ref of DMC4 too - I've been playing it (in and out of playing Heavenly Sword on PS3) for the last two weeks :D :D - love it!
Great update on this one Ray , thanks for the xtra pics . She really looks awesome , no matter how many times I see her :thumb
Always amazing, each and every time I'm speachless.
uramegak, widescene, C.Phan, really thanks! I'm glad you guys still love her!
duralumin, Jess, talking about games there are a lot of great ones. But about style, it gotta be DMC!
its great to see her again. i like the photoshop pic effects
Very nice work as usual Ray!:thumb She looks awesome!:D
How come you got so much time for 1/6th in Tokyo...don't you take your wife out for dinner?:nanana:lol
Nice one Ray. Your poses of the figure are still very unusual and unique.:)
Good to see Satana again, sweet as always, and that first pic is killer.
Ah-- I remember her! She loooks just as outstanding now as she did then!
Awsome CG! Love this figure always! When u gonna do a Dante or Nero to go with Satana?
This is really why I fell in love with CG, they are truely nice in term of femfig especially those custom builded by mgbb.
Hehe been busy eh Ray? :D
I like the last pic especially, and really glad that I had the honour of seeing Satana up close and personal last year! :thumb :thumb
old stuff, new arrangement, still superb :thumb
Always love your PS pictures... they are always a treat to look at.
Pete, Storm, Stinny, STALL STUFF, evilalive, thanks for your support as always!!!

Yan, just 1 CG won't take too long. So no complaint from my wife. In fact I cut down a lot on 1/6 these days. No new stuff out since Jul last year.
Kenneth, thanks! I enjoy posing femfig. I think your poses are pretty nice, too.
Calvin, I have thought about Dante, to be honest. But I can only "think" about making one. I may start if I get the Dante's sword.
Yujin, when do you come again? Pls schedule when there is figure exhibition! There is one in Apr and I will display my HKSDU.
Kenny, with no figures done, all I can do is re-packaging now... but still enjoy the PS work.
Very nice indeed,

When she says "Yield!" you yield!

mgbb, I swear... You and Gaia. I swear... >_<

You guys always blow me away. Now I am blown away again, good work mg!!! Now I weep in my corner.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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