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SAS in jungle ops

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Hiya again guys,....heres another of my bashes, Its an SAS trooper in jungle ops, guess we could say its themed during the early 1980s...:thumb
....thanks for watching..cheers all,..............BRAMS.
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Spot on, a truly great and restrained bash. Fantastic attention to detail
Now that's very realistic.
Great custon/ bash.

Another fantastica figure. Very good work.
Great figure and awesome dio, I really like the M16 and the machete attached to the backpack as well as the M72.
Can't have enough SAS bashes I say:)
The kit and weathering job are just perfect!!! cool dio too

Like the weathering and the vegitation.

Very nice... could have been a good representation of the SAS in Sierra Leone, Operation Barras...:clap
looks awesome. even has the boonie turned up in the back... haha I never understood why anyone would turn the back of the hat up, but as soon as I got to wear one, I had to do it too.... A burnt neck is all I had to show haha
Nice work!

Where did you aquire the DPM from?
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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