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Hello all

I have been working on this figure for a while and he's been through a number of rethinks, but this is the final result. I settled on a custom 44 pattern webbing order and on an L4 LSW (7.62mm Bren gun).

For anyone who is interested, you can view more of my custom figures on my website by following the link:


Thanks for looking!

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:bravo Fantastic figure and subject.

But you need to add "22 SAS" to the thread title to avoid confusion because the 2nd Australian SAS Squadron also participated in Claret operations and began patrolling in Borneo on 28 March 1965.

That conflict has always stuck in my mind not because the very first Australian SASR trooper to be killed on active duty died in it but because of the way he died.

The first member of the Australian SAS to die on active service was killed not by the enemy, but by a rogue elephant.
Sadly, Lance Corporal Paul Denehey died an agonising death in the jungle, suffering unimaginable pain for several days from the terrible wound inflicted by the elephant's tusk.

According to his troop commander this was the last photograph taken of Lance-Corporal Paul Denehey.
Denehey was on a Claret patrol when he and his fellow patrol members encountered a rogue elephant.
The other three Australians managed to avoid the rampaging animal but Denehey was gored under the ribcage. The agonising wound killed the stricken Denehey, but it was slow, painful death of a type that no soldier on active service could have anticipated.

Enemy action is something that such men prepare for in their training and in their own minds, but the manner of Denehey's death deeply affected the other members of his patrol. [Image courtesy of the Special Air Service Historical Foundation (SASHF)]
Lest We Forget.
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