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Sarah Connor Chronicles

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Oh, yeah. Not too bad.

Summer Glau puts it over the top.
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Oh crap. That was on after the football game. I was so pissed after the game I turned off the tv. Darn it.
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it! And yes, Summer Glau is awesome. :thumb
Could have been better, but if Summer Glau's in it, then I'm probably watching it.

And really, it's hard not to improve from the third movie... =)
Has potential
Lol CC. Good to see you around man. I like it, and as Chet said it has potential. It's pretty fun to watch and yeah, Summer was the best part :p

Its also better if you don't hold it to the movie storylines, its kind of off and unenjoyable if you don't let go of the pretenses like my friend who watched it with me.
Its also better if you don't hold it to the movie storylines
Hey, the producers basically said they binned the third movie when making this show... =)
Sorry guys, I wasn't impressed at all.

"Class dismissed..."

Were they serious?

While I agree that it can't get much worse than the third movie, this show is already missing a lot. And why "Sarah Conner Chronicles?" Isn't John Conner the leader of the human alliance and mankind's savior?

Lastly, the chick-terminator was pretty goofy. Hot but goofy. Her delivery sucks and I didn't like the whole high-school aspect.

Cheese-fest that is only tolerable because of the writer's strike.
I've enjoyed it so far, despite the lack of an Austrian accent somewhere.
Lena Headey is not hard on the eyes.
So far I have enjoyed both episodes, despite the wimpy whiny Glam-Boy they have playing John Connor. He makes me miss Ed Furlong.

I like the concept of the storyline, but I think it should be a mini-series rather than a weekly.

How far can you drag out that plot? Even Terminator fans will grow bored, myself included, if week after week there is no resolution.

Some franchises are not meant to be TV series. Only time will tell with this one.
I look at everything after The Terminator as falling far short. I did enjoy the well-written, horribly-graphicated Dark Horse series of comics which extended the story.
That said, Summer Glau would be enough to get me to watch infomercials, and as an on it's own senseless-violence show, I'll try to overlook the pouty Connor/Reese family.
She show is what it is and its not terrible
yeah it could be better but that could be said for alot of things
Yup, "it is what it is" is the right way to look at it.

My hopes for outstanding weekly TV entertainment were dashed years ago at the red-lighting of The Apple Dumpling Gang project. I guess Lonesome Dove was .......ok. ;)

We're not talking Hemingway or Steinbeck, here, nor should we be looking for it. As much as we may want to convince ourselves that geekiness is the one true salvation, it's a bit absurd to really start critiquing and trashing a show who's premise revolves around time-traveling killer robots.

I know, I know, we've all been spoiled as movie fans with stellar performances by keanu reeves ("woah" and "most excellent") and his league, but my mental robots are actually going to sound like robots -- wooden or otherwise. One only has to watch the mastery of a Dick Gautier as Hymie, or the brilliant turn by that kid from Small Wonder (whatever happened to her? Shes probby in her twenties by now, undoubtedly hot, working in blue movies, and living in Reseda.)

It's The Sarah Connor Chronicles simply because it's about Sarah Connor keeping her dumb kid out of trouble (I think an Eddie Haskell-esque, best-new-friend character who's a confirmed huffer might be good for stretching an episode or two out...maybe a Xmas special). He's still just fifteen, after all. Not to mention, I'd much rather see her than that idiot kid, anyway.

I agree that this may have been better served as a mini-series. I see myself tiring of the premise in a few more episodes.

Although a weekly, ok maybe three times a week, 45 minutes worth of a smiling Summer Glau wearing a bathing suit, frolicking with a beach ball in a white room could hold my attention for a few seasons. It wouldn't even need a soundtrack or special effects. Just her giggling.
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Its better than the re-runs and reality crap the writers' strike has forced most networks to put into primetime slots.
I thought it was watchable. Not stellar, but an interesting plotline(always loved the terminator plot). I hope the next movie expands on the future war like they said.

as for the show...things explode, people wave around cool guns, and the "robots" actually look like robots pathetically trying to emulate people.
not too bad.
I agree that Summer Glau does help quite a bit . :)

I actually liked it. As others have said , it wasn't perfect , but , after all , this was only the Pilot. I'm drawn in....can't wait till the next episode comes on...

Nothing Shall beat my House lineup...for now...

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