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Hi All,

When I started this Sandtrooper I wanted to do something a little different so I decided to make him with his helmet off and his standing around relaxing until his Dewback is ready. The figure and base were painted and weathered using Vallejo and GW paints and pastels.


Figure/Equipment - The figure is from the Hasbro 6" Black Series and was put into a nice casual pose and then the joints were susuperglued and then the joints were covered using AVES Fixit sculpt, the head is from the bits box and was original a punisher head.

The backpack and rifle are from the 6" Black Series Sandtrooper and I used small 1/6 clips and O-rings to attached the sling which is some left over leather. The shock stick was from the old 3/34" sandtrooper and I just removed the handgrip.

Base - The base is from a Sideshow Sandtrooper figure and the walls were cut out from foamcore and glued into place and the plaster of paris was used to cover the walls. The sand is a 50/50 mixer of sand and plaster with a little PVA glue and was spread across the base to till I got the look I wanted.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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