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Samurai Bash

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hi, it finally arrived my samurai clothes, there are really nice, good fabrics and great stitching, the only critic i have is that i think that the hakama is like 1/2" long. i based on a real life kenshin from the anime, so it wood be Kawakami Gensai, there isnt really much custom parts in this figure, just the sandals, sucks and i turn a mononofu katana in to a wakizashi. and now im planing to make a couple of shinsengumi. hope you like it.

the batle (sorry for the crappy effects)

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Nice figures. Don't worry about the effects, you rfigures still rock.
I love it.... Cool fight Scene too. The figure is very impressive too. Head sculpt is impressive.
:banana :banana Very well done! The clothes are especially nice. :clap :clap
Thats awesome, both figures rock.
Awesome work! Who the maker of your Katana's?
hi, thanks to all, the katana is mononofu katana and the kakizashi its allso a mononofu katana modify
Cool bash and poses.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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