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Sam and again

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I don't know if this has already been posted, but isn't the newest Barrack Sergeant PMC sporting a DML sculpt ( WWII US NAVY Sailor Sam Blake HS #615 )? I know HT parts seem to find their way into VH sets ( Hot Toys - Very Hot ) fairly obvious play on the name. I know that was recently debated in another thread. Are Barrack Sergeant and DML affiliated?
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Hey Mike I knew.. it awhile ago which was pretty funny. Yes your right on the money.
That's interesting. Why couldn't they have used the DML Arthur Hecht sculpt? So are they related companies? Kind of like how you see Volkswagen window cranks and shift knobs in older Audi's?
That's funny you say that about Audi I noticed there were some similar parts..on my old A4. I think they just figure they copy the head cause it was not popular and modern dudes would not find out..
But isn't the serial number still on the back?
Im not sure I need to see the back of the head.
If that is the case, how come the DML Sam Blake looks WAY better than the BSgt sculpt, paint wise that is? Probably just used a sculpt they had access to. DML would benefit hugely by having access to the new body. My guess would be no to the affiliation.

As for the VW/Audi thing, since they are both owned by VW, parts are always going to find their way between Brands, and that goes for the other companies VW AG owns, like Skoda and Seat.
I had heard that about Audi/VW. I am happy that Barrack Sergeant has made their PMC series - killer gear ( the TAD jackets, hydration carriers and gloves are really nice ) It would be nice to see DML jump back into the Modern era figure market... They have the chops - sewing, sculpting, weapons ( Walther P99, MP7, Accuracy International to name a few ) They even use the micro zippers and low profile velcro, which serve as a small but none the less important metric by which to guage a companies commitment to detail.

I know it's an old story of why they don't, but I am in the mood to speculate how cool it would be if they did:)
Barrack Sergeant has definately done well with the weapons and the clothing so far, and the new bodies only strengthen the brand. If they were partnered with DML that would certainly give BSgt some serious backing into manufacturing and R&D, and put DML back on to the Modern figure map. That would be awesome if the pair up were true.

Big VW fan myself (own 3), and Audi. I really think those Seat's from Spain have some sexy styling for cars....but that's just me.
Kinda funny that we waited what another two months for BS to put out their "all new body" on a hs only to find out they just copied a DML head? Oh well what ya gonna do.
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