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Diplomacy is Overrated
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While it was making passes along the field, the thought popped in my head of " how long till someone rigs up a 1/6 stinger missle and brings it down." lol I love that it has retracts.

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Not to jack your thread but

I believe these is a product of

Mi 24 D Fuselage Kit 1.8m $1,980.00 (Scale 1:9.6)

Mil Mi-24 Hind 2.3m $8,140.01 so I am note sure if this is 1/6 scale


If those 100$ little birds con`t cut it for you!
AND you have $6,875.00 in your bank account doing nothing!
well check this 1:6 scale baby


doors slides the signal lights ... they fly ..... no detail spared..... ITS NUTS

I hope you didn`t make a mess on your keyboard....



Mandoll withdrawl
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^Yep. 1/6.5 would be better, so that figures have ample room, there are other makers who make 1/6-ish UH-1 shells for RC Helos.

If you go to the website in the title of the video, there are several guys who own that Huey, the models do look a tad small but they look really nice with figures in them. There are a couple of Cobras as well.

Took me awhile to figure it out but it looks like that Mil24 pilot is the BBI[or other brand] Bush Aviator figure lol. The Cobras have the BBi Marshall pilots it looks like, or at least his helmet.

Now, wheres that 1/6 CH-46, CH-47, and MH-53? :D And then I'd like to shake the hand of the crazy man who makes a fully working [transforming!] 1/6 V-22 @[email protected]

Speaking of crazies [lol JK] I can't wait til LGs 1/6 static Huey is underway again.

I'm BACK!!
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That is absolutely incredible, not only does it look real, it sounds real. The landing was a wee bit jerky, but other than that you'd think you were watching the real deal.

If only a Dropship could be made to fly that well. Imagine that thing landing and an APC driving out, how cool would that be!? Oh well, a guy can dream.....

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