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'Rubber' body issues

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Hi All,
With the recent discussions on the Appleseed suit issues with the chipping / tearing, I was wondering if members could chime in on how the actual 'rubber' bodied figures out there are holding up long-term. This would cover such bodies as Hot Toys muscular, Brother's Worker, etc. I know the figures limits as far as posing goes, but I am looking to learn more about longevity. I have two Hot Toys and I also have a rubber bodied Sloth (Goonies) figure that I am now worried will start cracking at some point. I have heard people mentioning ArmorAll, is this fool proof or could it be dangerous and eventually harm / discolor the fig? Are there other solutions? If you armorall a figure, does it look all shiny like a dasboard or slick tires? :b Does it make it difficult to get the clothing / suit back on? I am just wondering if I should be concerned as I don't want my expensive toys to turn into crackling junk that I am scared to pose as it will make the cracks worse. I just recently saw a picture of a Brother's Worker fig that was relatively new and had significant dry rot and that is why I ask, any help is much appreciated.
Cheers, - KYG
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I'm one of a few guys here who really likes the Hot toy Muscular or rubber bodies as you put it..Aside from the obvious which you've stated the limited posability, Few figs look better once completed. However As with all sinthetic material over time they will begin to break down. There are somethings you can do to ...... or slow the process. 1st would be where it is Stored or Placed on Display. Accessive direct Sun light will contribute to
deterioration. 2nd frequent Posing.[:erm] I know I know but its true. If the arms are bare and get dusty do not use anything with an alcohol base to clean them. I've use amor all but it tends to cause more dust to collect. I've also used a little len seed oil. And finally Storage. Protect your nudes from the elements while not in use by keeping them in Cool dark places. I store mine in Zip Lock baggies and store them in those Big Tupperware tubs. I've had 4 Gen 1. muscular figs for over 2 years now and quite few Gen 2 and 3's and not a crack or any discoloration. One last thing. If you dress them in black be forwarned that there is strong chance overtime the dye in the material will be absorbed by the rubber material. I've had that happen. And once it does there is no romoving it. Any solvent that might like acetone or alcohol base products will damage the area its applied to and excellerate the deterioration of the figure.... I hope this helps. Dont be intemidated by them.. Buy'em, enjoy'em or give them to me.... LOL,LOL...:rolling
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