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Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

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The figure:

Recon: nude body (head modified).
Banjoman: beret.
Tony Barton: badge (modified).
Toy Soldier: T-shirt
DML: weapon, watch, grenade, bayonet, glasses and boots.
Sgto. Barrack: goggles (strap of War-Torn).
Hot Toys: radio.
Armoury: uniform, vest, helmet (modified), harness, belt, pouches y rucksack.
Unforgiven5150: parchs.
Custom: SAW box

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Man Lucas, that loos sweet!, like that pose too
Wow, another stunning and amazing figure Lucas! Absolutely love the pose and the figure is, as always, superb! Great work :thumb
Wow, looks great!
Another great Brit. Always nice to see your bashes.
Thank you very much by the commentaries!!!!!!!
What a great figure. I love to pose, the boot's sole bent as it is really gives the impression that the figure has mass.
Nice kit and an all round nice figure.

Excellent web.
nice job good to see a new brit kitbash
Simply OUTSTANDING work!!!! I love it. Well done.
dude great work there thanx for sharing :wideyes
Nice work! Great poses and pics too!
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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