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This is my first military project for over ten years, and appropriately it's the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

I have to thank my friend Tony for the sgt insignia and crowns.

Edit: Parts List.

King's Toys RAF Service Dress. Rear vent added to tunic, faux French cuffs added and lower pockets altered to OR version. Trousers let out to widen them.

1936 pattern flying boots made from Newline Miniatures German marching boots. Soles replaced, extra leather panels added to the heel and back, leather straps and buckles added, front cut out, tops cut down slightly, original pull strap stitching removed and holes filled, new pull strap impressions embossed into leather, fleece lining added.

King's Toys 1932 Pattern Life Vest. Completely taken apart and rebuilt. Zip relocated to correct position and extra panel of fabric removed behind the neck. Full tie Straps added that go all around the body and are adjustable, new buttons added. Front coated with Humbrol 154 acrylic paint. Polystyrene 'kapok' pads inserted.

Type B flying helmet made from the Alert Line version. Ear cups removed and replaced with leather covered Fimo ones, full chamois lining added with ear donuts. Faux Bennet buckles added to chin and rear of helmet. Rear tightening strap replaced.

D Type oxygen mask made from the Alert Line version. Extra stitching added, full chamois lining, faux press studs added. Details added to oxygen hose connector.

Type 19 microphone made from the Alert Line version. Chamois covered, with all extra details scratch made. Wiring loom made from painted cord, original bell plug from Alert Line.

Mk IV goggles: lenses are from the Alert Line set, with the frame built up with model putty and brass strip with leather nose guard. Elastic and leather strap made.

Glove Sleeve Hearing Helmet Personal protective equipment

Clothing Outerwear Helmet Workwear Sleeve

Clothing Outerwear Workwear Sleeve Glove

Shoe Helmet Jersey Workwear Sleeve

Head Helmet Headgear Sports gear Personal protective equipment

Outerwear Sleeve Collar Beard Street fashion

Sleeve Street fashion Knee-high boot Knee Thigh
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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