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Rohan warriior...mounted!

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My rohan warrior finally has a mount! Scored another Louis & Marx Johnny west Thunderbolt on ebay. It was a light, reddish brown, very plastic color when i got it. Since i didn't have an airbrush, i repainted it by giving the dorsal portions of the body a light coating of gloss black, then brushing on a dilute, watery dark brown all over, trying to blend the edges. Then i went over it with a light coating of dull coat to give a very slight sheen. Tack is a combo of pleather, cloth, sculpey.

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Your LOTR custom collection must be endless ?
Next Sauron ?.......
Very, very nice!!!
He looks great atop his steed excellent work.

Cool another excellant LOTR bash by yourself, any chance of a photo of your line up so far?
Thanks! Actually, i would love to do a custom sauron. I'm thinking of using one of those Neca 18" figures if ever i can get one on sale. :) Pictures of my partial LOTR collection can be seen here:

Not displayed: Urukhai scout, Urukhai swordsman, Isildur (mainly because they can't stand on their own or coz they don't look look as nice as the others)
Fantastic & must admit one hell of a LOTR collection you have there.
Your work never ceases to amaze me Jim.
Although I'm not around on the board as much these days, I always keep an eye out for your work when I lurk. :thumb
Thanks alyasha! I always look forward to comments from a master like you. :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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