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The male robot was one of thousands. A 155 series durasteel alloy drone. Codename Herod, he even had the old series 3 head...

The female shape robot was different. She was a 400 series. A drone control unit. Codename "Mary-Magdelene"

The Drone Control Unit had been upgraded by US Machines since the old 300 series. The chipset had been upgraded to a quad layer positronic CPU, and was reported to be ten times more advanced than the old dual layer 300 series.

Joints were the same, the floating gimball ball joint design being patented by US Machines many years before.

Made of the lighter and less resilient plasteel, the 400 series reused the panel design from the 300, with it's non humanlike appearance. Not designed to enter combat scenarios, the Drone Control unit was designed to observe and command from a distance.

US Machines had redesigned the face and facial muscles for this new unit, though unlike some of their competitors, did not offer differing skintones for the 400 series.

The newer chipset and CPU had meant a redesigned power source. This in turn had resulted in the body panels becoming excessively hot. Vent ports and exhausts had been cut into the plasteel panels, but people close to the 400 series often commented that the unit felt "Warm...just like a human"

Indeed, due to the new quad layer CPU, "she" could hold a conversation that was more meaningful than any unit before her. To date, 'she' is the only robot to pass all of the logic tests for "Which Robot" magazine.

To add to 'her' abilities, she has the ability to unplug her hands and forearms to employ a bespoke series of tools and connectors, designed solely for the 400 series.

breakdown - Herod is just a nude 3a figure.

Mary-Magdelene is a final fantasy head, resculpted and repainted on a Sideshow Padme body.

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NICE, is hat a Ventress body on her? Well done.

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