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This figure was inspired by the Trailer for the new Netflix Film " The Outlaw King" which comes out 9 Nov. It depicts Robert the Bruce just after the Battle of Glen Trool. Chris Pine plays Robert the Bruce in the film and I have to say that judging by the Trailer he has done a great job on a Scottish accent . Hopefully a manufacturer will produce a figure from the movie.

Thanks for looking.

Flash photography Sky Armour Landscape Grass
Sleeve Flash photography Shield Hat Armour
Plant Flash photography Art Fun T-shirt
Sleeve Flash photography Plant Headgear Armour
Outerwear Human body Beard Sleeve Cool

Chris Pine as King Robert The Bruce in "The Outlaw King"
Outerwear Beard Temple Helmet Soldier

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Excellent work.

I have seen the advertisement for this Netflix program, and it is intriguing. And, since you are coming from the heart of this history, I am even more fascinated after learning of your own interest in it.

Again, well done, good sir.
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