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Revisiting the Russian Space Shuttle Vehicle - "Buran"

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I can't help but wonder if the Russians were able to enable their own
space vehicle the 'Buran' Space Shuttle to become operational that it would've
given NASA a run for their money? I would even go as far as to speculate that
we might even be forced to rent the Buran shuttle long after our very own space
shuttle have been relegated as museum ornaments, because the Russians are
so adept at maintaining and prolonging their machines and equipment way past
they're serviceable lifespan. Just sayin'.

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Soooo many people don't even know the Buran existed, that it flew and that it flew and returned unmanned. The fact that the USSR plowed all that time and money copying the shuttle and the B-1 bomber really helped bankrupt the USSR and end the cold war.

The USSR should have done what China does, copy other people's stuff but then sell it back to us and anyone else. :)

Thanks for posting such great pics.
On 12 May 2002, a hangar housing Buran collapsed during a massive storm in Kazakhstan, as a result of poor maintenance. The collapse killed eight workers and destroyed the craft as well as a mock-up of an Energia carrier rocket.
That is just horrible news....and yet such a true sign of the collapsing of the crumbling empire. A true shame to see something so unique and historical being neglected to the point of destruction....and yet the cost of maintaining that building is probably nothing compared to what was probably spent on the nearest shopping mall or other less important structure.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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