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Believe it or not, the SNIPER film series is surprisingly still ongoing since the first film in 1993. Of course, all the follow up films either had a very limited theatrical release in the US/internationally and/or direct to DVD.

All of the sequels vary in quality, but if you're a covert ops/military film enthusiast focusing on sniper action . . . then all the follow sequels are worth a viewing.

The latest sequel is SNIPER: ULTIMATE KILL (2017). I viewed it as a digital rental on Amazon and surprisingly it was a compact, good, and solid entry. Chad Michael Collins reprises his role as Sgt. Brandon Beckett son of Master Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Beckett. In this outing, Brandon is assigned to assist a DEA joint task force to apprehend a Colombian drug lord, but the operation goes downhill and sideways when a lethal sniper adversary engages the joint task force using advanced munitions.

Tom Berenger also reprises his character role in this film as well along Billy Zane in supporting roles. In having seen all the prior films, this production value for this one appears to have been upped a bit. The acting is typical/usual for a direct to DVD films, but the film's style and tone remains consistent as with the previous films.

The military gear and tactics used within the film appear credible as much as one can reasonably expect. Granted, the film is not an "A" caliber film, but it's a sold hour and a half worth of viewing in seeing characters revisited since the first film.

I definitely recommend it as a rental viewing.

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