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Ok, so it's been just over a year since Peril Unlimited released their impressive first figure Ash in their Zombie Army Builder Program...

Now, the company has decided to add a bit of estrogen to the mix and released Betty, a once beautiful cheerleader turned flesh-eating monster.

What's not to love?

Just like the first figure, Betty comes in a sealed black plastic "body bag" which reads "RED HOOK CREMATORIUM Established JAN 1927" - the figure isn't really protected from any damage, but the just in my original review of the Ash figure, the "body bag" is one of the most original and best packaging ideas for a figure in a long time...

Scored major points for this beastly beauty; her unique headsculpt impresses with a variety of mangled and bloody features showing torn flesh and even some bone/skull! Awesome! Sadly, only the face and NOT the back of the head features this sculpting. Instead, the back and top of the head features "real hair," a decision that has both benefits and negates the overall coolness factor.

One the one hand, real hair gives it a more feminine look which ensures folks know it's a female zombie (as if the perky breasts weren't enough! ;)). But on the other hand, the hair keeps the awesome mangled sculpt from including the back and top of the head, a feature which would have made this simply amazing...

One thing that's a bit odd and worth mentioning is the hand sculpts, which feature sculpted "cuts" (which look great). On the other hand (pun intended!), both hand sculpts feature what looks like a finger in place of the thumb. She is a zombie, but a mutant zombie...that's even more weird than expected!

The figure is available in two versions: clean and bloody. The clean version, specifically made for customizes looking to bloody up their own gut-wretchin' monstress, costs $10 less ($30.00) while the bloody (pictured here)version retails for a still very reasonable $40.

The bloody version features blood applied in all the right places -- stockings, shirt front, backside (yup, she sat in someone's guts!), shoes and hands. The hands especially look great as the "cuts" look raw and open. Likewise, the ripped cheerleader uniform features blood near the rips to ensure fans know this is one babe who didn't go unscathed...

Like Ash, this figure is based on the basic 1:6 scale body, only this time a female version. Featuring ball joints in the ankles, double hinge joints at the knees and elbows, cut joints at the thighs, pin/ball joints at the hips, a ball joint in the torso, pin/ball joints in the shoulders and a pin joint in the neck. The neck/head attachment is a bit fragile and those who attempt to remove the head from the body may find themselves tearing the connection point. Something to be mindful of should you wish to put the headsculpt on a different figure.

All in all, the joints allow for the figures to be posed in a variety of "zombie" stances and, together with Ash (above), both look great invading the rest of your collection searching for something to satisfy their infinite hunger...

Considering there is only one other company currently making 1:6 scale zombie figures, and the other company's figures cost approx. 50% more than these, my personal opinion is - considering the money you're spending and the quality of the product, if you're a zombie fan and you do NOT own Betty (or Ash for that matter!), you're an idiot. While there are a few things wrong with the headsculpt, the fact an hour or so on a work bench could take this from a good figure to a great figure and anyone with a kindergarten education can buy a .99 cent bottle of paint and the $30 "clean" version of this figure and create an amazingly gory customized zombie unique to their own collection.

There you have it - a dead cheerleader ready to eat your favorite military figures or - better yet - turn them into even more zombies!

For more photos, check out the Betty Zombie Photo Gallery!
- photos and review by Jess C. Horsley (crowinghorse)
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