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Actually this is 2nd Vietnam war figure which is released by ACE, with 100% handmade weathering, I got it few weeks ago already but there are too many unboxed figures on hand, until now I'm able to take a quick look at all accessories, below is my brief review, your input is welcome:

1st of all, the package is very brief, personally I super love this kind of minimalism style:

When we take a look down from above after unboxing, we can find out all parts are placed inside 3 separated high density foam inserts, each one was protected in acrylics box, looks very safe for delivery.

Package overall: 4.5 of 5

Then the head sculpture:
Actually at first place I cannot recognize who is prototype of it fully, until someone reminds me there is a little bit similarity btw Steve Mcqueen and it:

With golden hair:

HS overall: 3.5 of 5

Following by the tiger stripe TADPOLE SPARSE PATTERN combat uniform:
In fact, there are over 20 tiger stripe camo patterns over the world, but for Vietnam war, majority are below 5 patterns:

1. Vietnamese Marine Corps 2nd pattern

2. John Wayne Dense

3. Late War Dense

4. Late War Sparse

5. Tadpole Sparse

Obviously, we can differentiate what kind of pattern ACE used in this set. Other than camo pattern, the uniform was made very well, with 3D tailored pockets, matching with real condition:

Well, at this moment, let's do something a little bit picky: We turn it from inside out and take a close look, well, you may ask me what's the point you did it, actually majority of tiger stripe cloth are dyed by silk screen printing method, so partial pattern can be seen from the reserve side: Unfortunately, ACE did not make it.:poke One more little thing: the tighten stripe at the bottom of trousers is missing as well:

Tiger stripe boonie hat short brim version:
Actually there are around 10 circles of stitches on real one's brim, but ACE only did 2 or 3 of them:

Uniform overall: barely 4 of 5

DMS spike protective panama sole jungle boots:
This kind of boot was the last version issued in Vietnam war (There are total 5 versions), enhanced sole with steel plate, for poisoned bamboo spikes of Viet cong concern, and the special pattern of panama sole is capable of jungle hiking, especially on muddy pathes (can prevent sole from sticking with mud).
Actually ACE is good at boots manufacture, the overall shape is nearly perfect but............ It's been so many years, how come the shoe vamp is still so long? Is moving 1st lace hole forward a little bit so difficult???

For the genuine jungle boots of Vietnam war, there is a stitch on the bottom of heel a below, but ACE did not make it:

Boots overall: 4 of 5

Now we move to gears:

ARVN rucksack, the most distinct features are 2 big pockets on the back and X shape bracelet in the front respectively. The design of it has a profound impact on subsequent successors, aka CIDG rucksack and Lightweight Tropical Rucksack.
It looks like ACE's one has a little bit smaller scale???

Subsequent CIDG rucksack:

Subsequent Lightweight Tropical Rucksack.

M1967 harness:

Belt, the buckle is quite different from M1956 harness:

M1967 ammo pouches:

It seems nothing special, right? But when we take a close look at the texture of it, something magic happened: As we known, M1967 pouch is made from nylon, but previous are from canvas, so the texture of nylon should be more finer than canvas, I just compared ACE M1967 pouch with SOG lucky six figure's canvas pouch apple to apple:

And take a look at the original material, left is nylon and right is canvas:

Other than above, the fabric handle is also very genuine, Nice work, ACE!!!

TO BE CONTINUE (Too many pics)

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There are 17pcs 20 round mags are provided, this time I can finally fill up my pouches!

M1967 compass pouch, also nylon feeling:

1 quate water can along with pouch:

Canteen wide, details are awesome but the cover along the cover ring are made from soft rubber, so I'm wondering whether there will be paint chipping issue sooner or later.
Pouch wide, the surface looks uneven and sort of ugly, right? That's it! Let's have a comparison with genuine one: the surface of nylon texture just looks like this:



2 quates canteen and pouch:

The bosses on surface is awesome although the size is a little bit bigger than original one. Unfortunately ACE forgot the logo on it.

Some gadgets, gun sling and "military tape":

USGI carabineer, very well made, you can even clip it on just like real thing, with "clap" sound! But the material is kind of brittle, need to handle carefully.

Tower: the original tower has single wide band at the end. Often worn around the neck to wipe the face free of sweat and protecting the neck and shoulders from heavy equipment". The Vietnam era towels are single banded in a OG-107 color. But ACE just crop it from whole cloth, there is no band was added on:

Gears overall: 4 of 5

Emmmm, right now you may ask where is the review of weapons? Yes, I almost forget it (I even forgot to take pics for this M16A1), this is due to the outdated tech of die cast ACE have: the details of M16A1 still fall behind over 10yrs compared with other mainstream brands. but anyway, ACE did do some research on it, the distinct features of M16A1 compared with M16 were made:
(Forgot to take pic:doh)



M67 Grenades, M18 smoke grenades, along with drink water can:

Actually there are 4 colors M18 were used in VW: Other than above 3 colors, the rest is violet one.

For M67, I have to say the shape of it looks very weird, far away from genuine one, not even close:

Plastic die-cast weapon: 3 of 5

Summary: Generally ACE present a nice present to Vietnam War fans, the handmade weathering can save you a lot of time. Some gears are very amazing, such as M1967 pouches. But the die cast parts are still the weakness of ACE:dizzy

Overall ranking: 4 of 5

Thanks for viewing:thanks

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Great review! Thank you so much! Of the three Ace Vietnam figures, this is the one I am leaning towards. The price is scaring me away from all three, but I love the era so much I still cherish my Dragon Nam figures!

Belt, the buckle is quite different from M1956 harness:

That is the Davis quick release buckle. I think it was eventually replaced with the plastic buckle.

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Yep its a Davis quick release buckle that was done in 1966 or so and came undone at the horrobile of times and was prone to get mud in, so it was not around for long.

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Nice review - thank you.
Great review, thanks for taking the time to put in all that detail
nice review of another awesome figure. Thanks!
Awesome review, hydd87! Now I'm gonna have to get it T_T
Yep its a Davis quick release buckle that was done in 1966 or so and came undone at the horrobile of times and was prone to get mud in, so it was not around for long.
Thanks all! Especially for additional info about Davis quick rls buckle!
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