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Well...this was not my intention when I first started this thread, but it turn out everybody wants to see what fits where. I would greatly appreciate if someone who has figures could tell me what fits where.. Your name will be included on the first page. I will try my hardest to get them into the thread, but most (about 90%) of my figures are in storage right now, therefore I don't have them readily available right now, so I can't inform the readers.

These pictures are all from the net. It's too much trouble to strip down my figures to nudes. If I made a mistake please let me know. If you know or have better pictures of nudes, please send the picture or know of a website with picture it will be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, I only collect men. Because I've never heard of a woman Navy Sealer or a woman in the special forces. If I'm wrong, please accept my apologies, but you have got to send me pictures.

1-Pale, 2-Slightly Pale, 3- Regular Skinned, 4-Tanned, & 5-Very Tanned/Dark
1-Not Very Posable ~ 5-Very Impressive Posablity
1-Loose Joints ~5-Very Stiff Joints
1-Would Not Buy, 3-Maybe, 5-Definitely Would Buy Again
Overall (1~5)

ACE MK-1 Body 3/4/4/5/4.5: Solid and ruggedly built. My problem is the part where the upper chest mets the stomach, is way too loose! His right knee is not as tight as his left knee, but may be due to manufacturing defects. Overall I give a big thumbs up! I would have to rate this as the second best body I have come across. Others have complained that the clothes don't fit him due to his as~ and chest being bigger than most. I have not found this to be the case, but I only have one MK-1 body and he's wearing HT pants. Granted it was a tight fit, and he's even wearing boxers, but I managed to button him up. He is a tad taller than most of the figures out there. The HS/Neck Post fits bbi/HT bodies. The hand pegs should fit the long narrow type, or bbi hand pegs.

ACI Body 1/4/5/5/4.5: cdn rhino hit it on the nose! It is a clone of the HT TT! The joints are tighter on these babies except the torso, but these are very, very tight joints. Especially the feet! I mean almost you can't move tight! Nobody on my list made a 5! But for their joints desired a 5! There is one thing unlike HT...the shoulders. Here the shoulder don't move inward like the HT, but other then that...THERE ARE EXACTLY LIKE HT! There are two criticism I have. One is with their long neck posts. The guy is like a giraffe! I'm going to have to figure how to shorten it. The other is the hand pegs. They are a #[email protected]^%$ hard to pull out! I mean dagnabit. I believe in stiff joints, but they have taken it to the extreme! They used good plastic, so if you want HT quality but don't have money to buy HT, then ACI is for you! The HS/Neck Post fits bbi/HT bodies. The hand pegs should fit the fat stubby ones, or HT hand pegs.

Art Figure (ART) Body 3.5/3/4/1/2: The body is solidly made with fairly stiff joints. Although the posing is average the main problem is the right shoulder where the arms are attached. It is very weak here. I am now fixing 2 of them. I would be careful with the arms where it meets the shoulder.
NOTE: Now I know why...To tell the difference between the left and right arms for the workers, they made the left thicker and the right thinner. Stupid!!! That just made the right weaker! I am fixing 2 more bodies for a total of 4 bodies! Really stupid!!!

Blue Box International (bbi) Nude Body G1 2~4/3.5/3.5/3/4: Now, I got the one where the face changes. No, not the head changes, FACE CHANGES! You insert a plastic key in the back of his head and his mouth opens and eyebrows change positions. Very cool!!! I should say "slight changes in his face." But none the less, it's very cool! The joints on this are pretty stiff, but limited shoulder movements. I would definitely buy another one if I could get my hands on one! The HS/Neck Post fits bbi/HT bodies. The hand pegs should fit the long narrow type, or bbi hand pegs.

bbi Nude Body G3/3.5 Body 1~3/4/3.5/5/4: Let's just say that they have made steady improvements over the years, culminating in the G3.5! Their G1 have loose joints and their poseability is that of the older DML body - LIMITED. But what can I say about the G3.5? This set the standard for the whole industry and as far as head sculpts go! They made the standard for the sockets which hold the head/neck in place. Now, you don't have to worry about whether your HT HS is going to fit an ACE MK1 body! The joints are fairly stiff and the wrist pegs don't break like other makers (shhhh-HT). I would try and stay away from the clones just because their joints are way to loose. The bbi ones have much, much more tighter joints! Overall, I would have to rate this as one of the best bodies I have come across. The HS/Neck Post fits bbi/HT bodies. The hand pegs should fit the long narrow type, or bbi hand pegs.

Barrack Sergeant (BS) Revolution - Bravo 1~2/4/3/3/4: I feel it is a bit loose, but others have said that their joints were just fine. Like 50% bad joints and 50% good joints. I don't know if I got a bad batch. Whatever the case maybe, they need to manufacture these on a consistent level. Not too slim and not too bulky, enough to fit several layers of clothing on the body! Overall the body is very well made. The movements on his shoulder and neck are impressive. Heck, let's just say I would recommend these and it's on my best body list. I have one. The HS/Neck Post fits bbi/HT bodies. The hand pegs should fit the long narrow type, or bbi hand pegs.

CM Toys Muscle Body HJ (CMT) Caucasian 3/Black 3/3.5/3.5/3/3
My first impression were these bodies look pretty good. I said, "pretty good." They put the rubber skin on the plastic body which means if you extend the arms in an upward position the rubber skin becomes congealed. The joints are fair stiff and they give you a host of hands to choose from as well as an extra hand pegs. They also give you what looks tobe 2 extra neck pegs to be able to fit HT heads. All and all, you may like the body, I don't. Thank God I didn't buy one, instead I'm lucky to have a friend in the 1/6 figure business! The hand pages are the short ones and they should fit HT.

Crazy Dummy Bodies (CDM) 3.5/4.5/4/5/4.5: Wow! I was very impressed with Crazy Dummy first attempt at a body. First of all I like the stiffness. Comparable with HT, especially around the torso area, I think it's better than HT. Where else do I think its better than HT? The shoulder area. I think that it has better rotation. Now a lot of companies have started to copy the HT body and add a little twist of their own and here is no different. The elbow pegs come straight from HT, but I can't seem to take the knee apart. That is good I guess of all the horror stories I have heard about HT but have never experience myself, and I own +30 HT bodies. The wrist pegs are the same as HT for the hands but for the arms there a little longer and not with the ridges. I like them. The only criticism I would make is on their neck. Although it is suppose to fit bbi, it's loose and on the HT short neck post, but the HT long neck post, it keeps popping out. In conclusion, I would have to say is that I love these bodies, but damn sure hard to get on-line! The HS/Neck Post fits bbi/HT bodies. The hand pegs should fit the long narrow type, or bbi hand pegs.

DAM Body3/2.5/3/3/3: It is another ACE body. Where the shoulder meets the arm, it is kind of loose, but other than that it is fairly stiff. I think all the manufacturers make only 5 or 6 bodies. I don't mind when they use another companies body, but when they make it their own...I kind of frown upon that. Just MO.

Dragon in Dreams (DiD) Gen 1 & 2 Body 1~2/3/3/3/3.5: Like that of TS T-1F. It's a little tighter on the joints. They are a little shorter than the other figures, but adds more variety to my figures. A really big plus! Limited shoulder and torso movements are good. Both Gen 1 & 2 are almost identical. The main difference are in the hands. 1st Gen hands were molded, but could move. In other words, the index finger and the rest the fingers, with the exception of the thumb can move to grip guns or to hold a mug. Cool you say? But they can't hold anything! The joints need to be tighter that's why I guess they went to the bendy type in the second generation. The bendy fingers are longer than most, I guess that's a good thing because his hands holds all weapons! Overall, I would say that it's a good body and I like it. The HS/Neck Post fits bbi/HT bodies. The hand pegs should fit the long narrow type, or bbi hand pegs.
1st Generation Right Hand:

2nd Generation Right Hand:

DiD Newer Body2~3/3/4/3/3.5: The newer bodies have more rotation in the shoulder and it is stiffer than the older bodies. Other than that there is not much to say about the newer bodies except that it is a huge improvement over their older bodies, but I have to say that it is in the maybe buy category. I will always buy their weapons!

Dragon Models Limited (DML) Neo Body 2~3.5/3.5/3.5/3/3.5: Cheap and inexpensive! Depends on the figures, some have tight joints, and some have loose joints. Earlier versions I would try and stay away, just because they are way too loose. If you don't have the money to buy a BS, ACE, HT, then get the bbi. If you don't have money to even buy this, than get DML or DiD. I don't have an Adam so I can't compare. The HS can be made to fit bbi neck posts. The neck posts don't fit bbi's, but with a drill, anything is possible! I don't think the hand pegs can be removed on these. If you can remove these, I don't think they fit any other manufacturers.

DML Neo Muscle Body 2/2.5/4/5/3.5: I would highly recommend the Walt and Fernando bodies (Neo Muscle)! Although they are less poseable, due to them being a muscle figure, I find that the joints are tighter than all other DML figures. Other than that, it's just like that of the DML Neo Bodies. The HS/Neck Post don't fit bbi/HT bodies. The hand pegs can't be removed on these.

Enterbay (EB) BL 2.5 Body 4/3/4.5/5/4.5: Same as the TT38 Body but he is very tanned. : I bought this mainly to see how this body compared to other military bodies. They used high grade plastic on this, I mean HIGH GRADE! Man, this body is solid! A lot more heavier than most military bodies and has some stiff joints! Making a "clicking noise" on its knees, torso, and I love this, lateral movement of the ankles. Now, the drawbacks are: no shoulder, neck, and wrist pegs movements. I can do with the no shoulder and neck movements. What I dislike most are the wrist pegs, or should I call them arm pegs. They almost go half way up the arm before you add the pegs! Now the 2.5 has an angled neck whereas the 3.0 does not. I think that's the only difference between to two. Despite the dislikes, I have to be honest and say that I really like this body, because of its solidness and stiff joints. The HS don't fit any body, they should follow bbi, but they will learn, like HT. No other manufacturer makes these kinds of hand/arm pegs.

EB BL 3.0 Body 4/3/4.5/5/4.5: Same as the TT38 Body but he is very tanned. BL 2.5 has an angled neck whereas the BL 3.0 does not have an angled neck. Everything else is the same. No other manufacturer makes these kinds of hand/arm pegs.

EB BL 3.5 Body 4/3/4.8/5/4.5: Man. I've said it before, these are the toughest bodies around. They weigh a ton. I mean solid! I already like it, but then again, I love all the EB bodies, although I don't like wrist pegs (read 2.5). They are not really pose-able like HTs, but then again they don't need to be. Now the clicking noise on the ankles are gone! But they have added clicking noise to their knees, torso, and elbow. Well, it more like a clacking noise, not the crisp clicking noise that the 2.5 and 3.0 had. This creates more stiffness in the joints, which we all love. Since these were made for Bruce Lee and we all know that the man wasn't that tall, they are short, I mean short! I like variety in my figures. Now the price tag on these babies are not cheap! Between $40~65 shipped. Yes, that price is for ONE BODY! But it's is well worth it. NOTE: HS is fabulous. The only thing he can do is look down, no side to side movements or looking upwards. The one thing about this that is really cool is that the eyeballs move, as with most of EBs. No other manufacturer makes these kinds of hand/arm pegs.

EB RM-4 Body 1/3.5/4.5/5/4: First of all I would like to apologized to everyone here. It is Matt Damon! The headsculpt is better once you get in hand. I would agree with zebraten (Page 5, reply 123). This figure is TALL! I didn't realized he was that tall, but I got one more body along with this. A EB Bruce Lee. The RM-4 is about a head taller than EB Bruce Lee! And I just measure him to an ACE MK-1 and he's still taller! The reviews of the body can be read here. Just punch in RM-4 body on the search. I would agree with most of the statements said here. The HS/Neck Post fits bbi/HT bodies. I don't think these pegs can be pulled apart. The hand pegs can't be pulled off.

EB RM-4.2 Body 3/3.5/4.5/5/4: This really looks like Che Rivera! Other than that, it is exactly like the RM-4 body except this figure might be smaller. The hand pegs can't be pulled off.

EB RM-5 Body 1/3/4.5/3/3.5: I don't like this body because of one thing...the stomach. The tummy area is not stiff at all. Although I might have gotten a bad batch, but other than that, it is pretty stiff. This figure is much more muscular than the previous 4 & 4.2. I don't really have that much to say about the figure. All that is different is the upper portion, the lower portion is that of the 4 & 4.2. The hand pegs can't be pulled off.

EB RM-X Body 3.5/4/4.5/3/3.5: I don't know if I like this body for the price...No, definitely not worth $80-90, even with shoes & socks. Let's talk about the upper body, because the lower body is the same as the RM4-5. Of all the seamless bodies, I would have to say that I like this the best. Of course where the arm meets the shoulder, it is not seamless. That is good, because of what happened to the CM muscle body. Elbow moves quite well, but the shoulders...that is where all muscle bodies have problems. The body in general is very stiff, but one cool thing about this is that I think the neck moves 30 degrees in either direction. That is pretty cool, but not worth $90 asking price...

G.I. Joe Body 1.5/2.5/2/1/2: It was the first bodies out there for the mass market. In fact, it was the ONLY BODY OUT THERE! I forgot that I had one, that is why I didn't list this (LOL)! Now on to my review. First, the body articulation is very limited and the feet are WAY TOO BIG to fit most of the shoes made today. In fact, they don't fit all of the "real-like lace up" Danner boots! The joints are very loose, although not as loose as the TS T1, but close, and Kung-Fu grips on the hands don't grip so well. So, why did I trade for this piece of sh-t? Because of my childhood! It's like every girl had a Barbie and every boy had a GI Joe. If you didn't have a GI Joe, YOU WEREN'T HUMAN! So what if the feet are big, body articulation very limited, joints are very loose, and the Kung-Fu grip doesn't grip...It was worth the trade I made for a piece of nostalgia... The HS/Neck Post don't fit bbi/HT bodies. The hand pegs should fit the long narrow type, or bbi hand pegs.

HT Generic Type Body 2/4/4/5/4: To tell you the truth...these are really impressive. Joints are tight, movement are like HT...but there are some bad points and good points on these. First the good point. Wow! The shoulder is very impressive! Better shoulder movements than HTs, but...I know there are always "but"...there is a piece in the shoulder which protrudes outward when put into an awkward pose and the feet doesn't have joints in them. These are the only two faults that I can find with these. If you need tons of more than decent bodies for a good price, than these are for you. You can't go wrong with these! The feet don't fit HTs. Although the foot part fits HT pegs, the upper part of the peg is smaller, not the same as HTs. Hand pegs should fit HTs.

HT True Type (TT) 34 Body 1~2/3/3/1/2.5: Although not as good as a TT38, they are still pretty good. The bendy hands really can't hold weapons, but that is with all HT bodies. I guess that is why they have abandon the bendy hands with molded hands on all the newer models. Good move on their part, because their bendy hands were sh-t. Joints on these are fair. The feet doesn't have joints to bend like on their newer bodies. I wouldn't get one of these bodies. Why? Why should I when I can get a TT38. The HS/Neck Post fits bbi/HT bodies. The hand pegs should fit the long narrow type, or bbi hand pegs.

HT True Type 38 (Older Ver.) by cdn rhino
I took a look at my Polar Mountain Striker and the new TTM-14. The Striker was on the early True Type 38 body, so the neck will work straight across. The biggest difference will be the wrist and ankle joints. Those are different. Paint apps would be a huge difference too. The HS/Neck Post fits bbi/HT bodies.

HT TT 38 Bronze Body 4.5/4.5/4.5/5/4.5: Same as the TT38 Body but he is very tanned. Boy, have they made drastic changes from their first TT bodies! The TT bodies that are now being built are rigid & structurally sound. I have yet to break the knees, as Paul mentioned, and I've taken a lot of knees apart. I don't know, but IMO, the knees are solid. Maybe you got a defective one Paul? My only complaint would be their wrist pegs. Very weak, but fortunately I've broken only one and I own over 20 TTs! The other complaint I have are the bendy hands. They don't hold the weapons! I guess that's why they have abandoned the bendy hands on the newer TT. The newer HS/Neck Post fits bbi bodies. Although not perfect, my favorite body so far, from their stiff joints to their new neck post! This HS looks like Beckham. The HS/Neck Post fits bbi/HT bodies. The hand pegs should fit the fat stubby ones, or HT hand pegs.

HT TT 38 Narrow Shoulders (TTM-08/14 (38NS) 2/4.5/4.5/5/4.5: Same as the HT TT38 except with slightly narrow shoulders. TTM-08 looks like James McAvoy and Taylor Kitsch (TTM-14).(?) The HS/Neck Post fits bbi/HT bodies. The hand pegs should fit the fat stubby ones, or HT hand pegs.

HT TT 38 Slim (TTM-09/10 (38S) Black-3/Caucasian-2/4.5/4.5/5/4.5: It's almost the same as the HT TT38 and I really like the shoulder movements here. With these bodies you can fit about two more layers of clothing on the figure than the TT38. The hand pegs have changed a little. Maybe now they won't break! And they make a 'clicking' noise when you move them. The HS looks like Prince Henry (TTM-09) and Terrance Howard (TTM-10). Look, I love the HT TT38 & TT38S, as evidenced by me owning over 20-TT38, 2-TT38NS and 1-TT38S. So what? Do you want to make something of it!:lol The HS/Neck Post fits bbi/HT bodies. The hand pegs should fit the fat stubby ones, or HT hand pegs.

HT TT 38 Advance Version (TTM-15/16 (38AV) 3/4.5/5/5/5 NEW: I think the joints are stiffer than all other TT on this body, which is a definite plus in my book. And what do I love about this TT38AV? They give you extra hand pegs! So now you get 4 instead of a pair. The thigh adders...I don't know what to think of these. I guess it's good if your looking for a football or soccer player, but be warned. They add much thickness to the figure, so some of the clothes maybe a tight fit. Other than that, it's almost like the TT38 bodies. It has a taller neck post and little stuff like this, but similar to the TT 38. Oh, I forgot. I think they used better plastic on these figures because they seem to be heavier than all of the other previous models. The HS on the black figure is most definitely Obama (TTM-16)! Wow, a real likeness. On the other figure, I think it is Dominic Purcell (TTM-15)? But they are both very well done. I love, I mean I love these bodies! I think I'm going to buy more! The HS/Neck Post fits bbi/HT bodies. The hand pegs should fit the fat stubby ones, or HT hand pegs.

HT Muscle Body 1st & 2nd Generation 4/2/4.5/1/3.5: Now for the muscle body review. Not good. Upper body has limited everything, limited arm, shoulder, elbow movements and no torso movement. And I do mean VERY LIMITED. It was a bit-h trying to pull off the T-shirt on my SDU figure, not only because of the limited shoulder movements but it's made of rubber! Like pulling teeth! Only get this figure if you are willing to live with with the limits of this figure or you really need a muscle figure. Their not bad at all, it's just that I don't like "limited everything." I sold mine on eBay a long time ago. Now, I got the second generation ones, the first generation ones HT built has a lot of problems, from their torn rubber to the socket coming out from their joints. The HS/Neck Post don't fit bbi/HT bodies. The hand pegs should fit the fat stubby ones, or HT hand pegs.

HT TTM19 Muscular Body Version 3/3.5/4.5/4/4.5: Wow! Talk about head movement. I think this figure's head movements closely replicates a real human head! He is a muscle figure, therefore he is less posable. The old TT bodies can be articulated into 38 positions, this one say 30, now whether he does or doesn't I don't know, but I think his head is accounting for a lot of the 30. One thing I have to say are their hands are much more user friendly. If you have ever tried to put gloves on the older HT hands, IT WAS A B*TCH! Not anymore! I got my gloves on in less than 3 minutes! I don't have any negatives to say about the body. Maybe that the skin tone of the figure is nice, but it has a matte finish on it. It's like getting out of the tub in winter and not putting lotion on the body. Very dry skin. Other than that, I would have to say I like it, not love it, just like it! The hand pegs should fit the fat stubby ones, or HT hand pegs.

HT TTM 20 Advanced Muscular Body 4/3.5/4/5/4: These are much more muscular than than the previous TTM 19. In fact, I think they would have problems fitting on most clothes...I mean they are a lot BIGGER! From his chest to the bicepts, although not overly muscular, to his thighs. You don't need the thigh covers for this one. The body weighs a ton! but I like it. The only thing I would critizce about the figure is that it does not have the neck joint. In other words, it has the long neck post that is on the body, unlike the TTM 22 which you can take off.

HT TTM 22 Slim Body3/4/4/5/4: I really like this body! It is a lot smaller than the TTM 20...a lot! Weight is like a feather compared with the TTM 20. I like that it has a removable neck joint for heads with attached neck joints. Good posing, the body is solidly made.

Ignite Body 1/1.5/1/1/1: I love the gear that it comes with (all metal and wood!), but unfortunately the body is seriously lacking. Where the leg meets the hip, it is very weak. In other words they can't hold up the metal gear (chest armor) on their chest. They slouch over! Over and over! And their upper bodies there are some quality issues, because some of the bodies had stiffer elbow than others. These are not good bodies, I would say it is on par with TS T1s. I would buy the gear on the Ignite figures, ditch the bodies and swap them out for a bbi 3.0 or better. I don't know about if these HS will fit bbi's. I don't know about their hand pegs.

In The Past Toys (ITPT) Body 1/2/1.5/1/1.5: I bought it mainly for the Chuck Norris HS. It's a dead ringer for the guy! If you want a C. Norris HS, buy ITPT! Now as for the body...well, let's just put it on my least favorite list, meaning it way too loose for my taste and the articulation...same the the first DML or bbi bodies...VERY BAD. I don't know about if these HS will fit bbi's. The hand pegs should fit the long narrow type, or bbi hand pegs.

King's Toys (KT) Body ?/?/?/?/?: by Oppl
I got the Kings Toys Kriegsmarine body. He's currently being used on my Brit squaddie. See here. Bear in the mind the one in your link seems to have bendy hands, whereas mine came with moulded firing/relaxed hands.
It's a pretty decent, sturdy body. The foot joints are a tad loose compared to Soldier Story, but nothing worth writing the figure off over. They've good solid bodies in my experience. As for heads, I'm not sure. Maybe Hot Toys would fit as it appears to be the same solid head+neck with socket construction (but I don't want to tear my figure up just to see). HeadPlay might work too but I can't be sure because I've never changed the Russel Crowe head it came with.
Original Action Figure Body 2/4/3/1/3: At first glance, this body looks like a HT TT38NS! But on closer examination it is not as good. The joints are a little loose, especially in the chest and the neck movement are not as good as HT. Very restricted, Right, left, and backward movements of the neck are very restricted, but the forward movements are fine. Where the leg meets the hip joints are very loose. Need some work! The fists and hands that come with this seems a little small. The shoulder movements is like that of HT TT38NS, I like them. All and all, I think this body is alright to less, lets say 4/10 stars. If you can't afford a HT TT38NS then get this body. The HS/Neck Post fits bbi/HT bodies. The hand pegs should fit the long narrow type, or bbi hand pegs.

Playhouse (PH) Hand Pegs: Why haven't I learned! Never force, never force... The hands are part of the pegs! Which means you can't pull them out like many other companies. I broke mine after I tried to force it out. The hand pegs should fit the long narrow type, or bbi hand pegs.

PH VBSS Body 3.5/3/3.5/3/3.5: These are very similar to the TTL at first I thought to myself, but on closer examination, they weren't. I really like the TTL bodies, but these...are just average. The elbow and neck joints are the problem. They are too loose I am afraid. Although the arms could hold plastic guns, I would seriously doubt if they could hold metal weapons such as the ones made by DiD. The neck is also a problem. To loose for me, and you know how tight I lik'em!

Sea International Body 3/2.5/2/1/2: This body is okay, but too loose IMO, but not as loose as the T1. I thought that I would like the stomach area because there is a joint there which means he could bend over a little more. Well...he bends over A LITTLE! Hardly worth getting for this reason. That is all I have to say about this. Hand pegs cannot be pulled out.

Sideshow Toys Body (Older) ?/2.5/4/3/3: I saw and played with my friend's sideshow body. First off, I notice that it has much more muscle than the other bodies. The chest is enormous! There was something else I noticed. The body/joints was stiff! They make a 'clicking' in the arms/shoulders when you move it - cool. I really liked this body but the articulation lacks on this body. It's a good body if your going for the muscle look. I don't know about their hand pegs.

Soldier Story S2 Body 2~3/4.5/4/5/4.5: First the joints are pretty tight! Knees, elbows, hip sockets,...all except the shoulders. That is due to the fact that they tried to make it as realistic as possible. The shoulders actually goes into the body! Pretty cool! And the bendy hands actually holds weapons! Now for the bad news. I don't know if I like the posterior (lower portion of the body). The skeletal portion of the body is still made of plastic but the outer shell is made of rubber. Now for the head/neck joint. I accidentally popped off the head. When I tried putting the head back on I couldn't pop it in to place! You have to take out the pin which holds the head in and then take out that pin insert it into the head and then the socket which goes on the body. I did this all with pliers, three times! The head pops off too easily! Bad design IMO. All 'n all, I would have to give the S2 body thumbs up! The HS does fit other makers, but the body/neck post does accept most manufacturer. The HS/Neck Post fits bbi/HT bodies. The hand pegs should fit the long narrow type, or bbi hand pegs.
NOTE: Head is still popping off and now the ankle pegs...aren't holding...I would have to say I won't be getting anymore.

The Ultimate Soldier (TUS) Body 1-3.5/2/2/1/2.5: These are dirt cheap. If you want your soldier to take the punishment that a boy would do, then these are the bodies for you, but if you want to put expensive gear and things on this and pose it, this isn't for you. Made inexpensively for children these bodies are for "try outs." Try an outfit on and then take it off. Put gear on and then take it off. You get the drift. Whatever you use these bodies for, they are tough! The HS/Neck Post don't fit bbi/HT bodies. I don't know about their hand pegs.

Toy City (TTL) T 2.0 Body Black 3/Caucasian 1/Hispanic 3/3.5/4/5/4: First of all, I like that the joints are stiff! Always a plus in my book. They are much slimmer and smaller than most of the military bodies, which means you can pile on the clothing on him. A big plus is that although his hand are molded (plastic/rubber), his hands can be separated! The shooting hand, the pinky is stuck to the ring finger, but that can be easily fix with an X-acto. Why is this a big plus you may ask? THEY CAN WEAR GLOVES! Although you do get movement in the shoulders, it's limited, not a biggie, at least he has some shoulder movement. The point is made by a member here and I tend to agree with him to a point. It's made of cheap plastic. Now I slightly twisted his joint where it meets his forearm and the forearm came apart. Then I noticed that the joint holding the forearm was not glued. I think this was intentional, but not the forearm coming loose. Easily fixed, just put superglue. But they could have used better plastic. Buy one, you won't be disappointed. Although meant to fit any HS, some work has to be done, but if you pop the neck post off, it will fit bbi. The HS/Neck Post fits bbi/HT bodies. The hand pegs should fit the long narrow type, or bbi hand pegs.

TTL T 3.0 Body Black 3/Caucasian 1/Hispanic 3/3.5/4/5/4: This is fast becoming my favorite body! All the joints are stiff, and I mean stiff! The joints are as stiff or stiffer than HT TT bodies. Again, this is a little bit slimmer than the rest of the bodies in comparison. The body has movements like that of HT bodies except the shoulder movements. They have a little piece of plastic which goes over the top of the shoulders. I guess this is good, but it restricts the movements of the shoulder blades. The feet and hands are the same as HT and can be interchangeable. Now here is the great thing about these bodies. The head pegs! The head pegs comes with a bbi or HT pegs! This is great!!! The bad side of this neck post, you can only fit "the head" and not "the partial neck and head." You can choose this body if HT is too much. They run about $13~20 per body (hands, feet, and two head pegs included). This is a great body and you won't be disappointed. The HS/Neck Post fits bbi/HT bodies. The hand pegs should fit the long narrow type, or bbi hand pegs.

Toy Soldier T-1/F Body Jeff Gregorec 2/Howard Max Mullen 4/1.5/1/1/1: A vast improvement from their first T-1 (SSGT Gregorec) where all the joints were too loose! And when I mean loose, I MEAN LOOOOSSSEE!!! He can't even stand up by himself without some help! At least now the T-1F have tightened their joints (Mullen). Still a little loose for my taste. And their "gloved bendy hands" (T-1) don't "BEND!" They are so stiff and short (stubby fingers) that they don't bend! On the T-1F I have the bendy hands, with gloves on, is that the hand/wrist shall I put this...Oh yes! CRAP!!! I mean the hand/wrist pegs keep falling off at the joints!!! Very bad design! My other complaint about them is, "WHY ARE THEIR HEADS SO SMALL?" Still they are the least favorite. I have one T1 and one T1F, Gregoric and Mullen. That's all I'm going to buy! The HS/Neck Post fits bbi/HT bodies. Don't buy this unless you plan to spend a lot of time modifying this body. I had to add super glue to all the joints to stiffen it up (T-1F)! The hand pegs should fit the long narrow type, or bbi hand pegs.

Triad Omega Body Asian 2/Black 4.5/Caucasian 3.5/3.5/4/1/4.5: First of all, the joints are fairly stiff, a plus. No shoulder and limited neck movements, two negatives. Third, I bought this thinking I was going to get Robert de Niro from the movie Taxi. I was sadly mistaken by the HS, it doesn't look anything like de Niro! And lastly, the foot does not have movement in the front, unlike HT, bbi, DiD or TC. I read in nerdpride's column it has 35 points of articulation. Your lucky if you get half that! And I don't know what's nerdpride is talking about, because I can't interchange the hands/wrist. But it comes with some kicka-s briefs! But sadly, I would have to put this on my "Not to buy more list." In fact, I would not buy any of Triad bodies due to the reviews I have read. Just MO. HS does fit bbi but not the neck post. The neck post is fixed. The hand pegs should fit the long narrow type, or bbi hand pegs.

ZC World (ZCWO) AB01 Articulate Body 4/4/4/5/4: These are very similar to the Hot Toys TTM bodies. They are much shorter than other figures, but...the accessories are outrageous!!! Not only does it come with an extra pair of ankle pegs to give your body some extra height, but it comes with 4, count'em 4 neck pegs. One that fits bbi, another HT, and another I don't know, plus it has its own which fits its own head. about coming fully loaded! I love this! The head sculpt is supposed to be Terrence Howard, but I don't think so...It a thin body so it can take layers of clothes. Price on these is not too bad at under $50.

ZCWO AB02 Articulate Body 2.5/4/4/5/4: Exactly the same as the AB01 bodies only this time it is Caucasian.

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If you have any bodies to share, please feel free to post what you want to say. Again, this is my opinion and nobody else. And a special thanks go out to cdn_rhino for his in-numerous insight into the bodies (Man! He's got a sh-tload of bodies!).

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I do agree that I like the HT bodies as well.Here's my thoughts.

I've collected most them all and I still think HT TT bodies are number 1!
And here is why (THIS IS MY OPINION!!!):

ACE MK-1 Body : Problem is the upper chest where it mets the stomach is way too loose! His right knee is not as tight as his left knee, but may be due to manufacturing defects. Overall I give a big thumbs up! I would have to rate this as the second best body I have come across.

I thought the ACE body had great posibility,but the flared thighs and big butt made it hard for any different Uniforms to fit this body.As well as the strange neck and heads connection point.
bbi 3.5 Body : What can I say about the 3.5! It set the standard for the whole industry! But in order for bbi to continue in setting the standard, they must put out a new body. Joints are fairly stiff. Overall, I would have to rate this one as my fourth best.

BBi G3 are great.I have a whole mess of the,The bad thing is that they break.Usually on the swivel point on the arms.I have had a buttload of them break like that.

BS Revolution - Bravo : I feel it is a bit loose, but others have said that their joints were just fine. I don't know if I got a bad batch. Whatever the case maybe, they need to manufacture these on a consistent level. I would recommend them as my third choice on the list.

Don't have any,but they seemed like they were decent when I played around with them.But kinda loosey to me too.

DML Body : Cheap and inexpensive! Depends on the figures, some have tight joints, most have loose joints. I would highly recommend the Walt and Fernando bodies! Although they are less poseable, due to them being a muscle figure, I find that the joints are tighter than all other DML figures.

The Neo bodies have great possibility,but the feet tend to break under the slightest pressure.The Adams are good for modifying and playing around wiith.

Toy Soldier T-1 Body : A vast improvement from their first T-1 (SSGT Gregorec) where all the joints were too loose! And when I mean loose, I MEAN LOOSE!!! He can't even stand up by himself without some help! At least now the T-1s have tightened their joints (Mullen).
My knock with these is also the loose joints,as well as the ankles.I have taken to using the dremel to hack the legs where the feet attach to make them more articulate.

I've been Minimoyzed
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Re: HT TT/ACE MK1/BBI G1-3.5/BS Revolution/TS T1-F/DiD/DML bodies

Wow, things has changed since I added to this thread last. [info updated 28 Aug 09] It all depends on what you are using the body for. Some are better than others for certain applications. I haven't seen one that is good for all uses yet.

Hasbro GI Joe the classic that started it all. Or at least one of them. There are various versions, and lately the Super Articulated (SA) one seems to be most popular with die hard Joe fans. It's a sturdy, bang around fig that still holds it's own. Not Barrack Sergeant posing, but not as expensive either. It's a classic and a toy, not a model. Really hard to go wrong with it. ACE gear fits well on this bulky fellow.

Female figures can be had as well.

[edit; 19 Apr 2012] Mods - I have seen BBI G1 sculpts, and Dragon sculpts modded to fit the neck post quite easily. I have seen Dragon hads modded to fit these as well. I'll have to take a quick look to see how it was done.

Blue Box Toys (BBI) Beginning with the G1, next the G3 and then G3.5 (never heard of the G2, but there surely must be one right?). G1's were shorter and articulation was much the same as the Sideshow Buck. Pretty basic. Arms had a tendecy to break off as well as the wrist pegs. Next was the G3 which was only slightly different I believe in the foot, please feel free to correct me if Im wrong. The G3.5 was their last version, and easily one of the best. Great stiff joints, and easily the best posability when it first came out, even holds it's own today. The biggest gripe was the huge chest of the 3.5, and for me the hard and huge sausage fingers all solidly molded together. The legs were large too.

The BBI G3.5 is definately the body that spawned most of the newest bodies that are all being used now.

BBI also did some female bodies as well. The Perfect Body in all it's versions is probably the next most popular next to Barbie. Am I wrong? The newest PBs have interchangable chest plates, and still have changable hands. A more curvy figure with the PB as well, and taller.

Mods - BBI Stuff is easily interchangable with most parts of the ACE Man Mk1 figure. Neck and wrist joints are the same, and the heads on G3.5 and ACE have the same barbed attach to the neck.

Dr.Figures Gloves use the same wrist joint on their wide selection gloves. You might be able to adapt BBI gloves and hand using the Dr.F joints to adapt to HT figures. If you wanted to.

Dragon (DML) Starting with the Adam, then the Neo, Neo muscled body versions, and finally the Neo3.

- Early Adams were very loose in the joints, and it was rare to have one with tight joints. A hip dealy bobber was made to help counter the loose legs causing shelf divers.

- Then the Neo, better upper body articulation and a change in the arm swivel, and a joint in the foot. But early Neos still had weak hips (Think really loose hip joint, and a tendancy to fall over). A few Neos got the rubber leg and arm treatment, what I have called the Neo muscled, and these had the best joint stiffness, but limited movemant because of the rubber sleeves. These also include the football player nudes. A taller version with more muscles, but for some reason they had almost no ankle articulation.

- Finally the Neo3, with the best joint stiffness, a slightly more sculpted muscle look, better shoulder joint, and a slight tweaking to the ankle. All versions have a tendancy to break at the ankle if the boots aren't removed properly (remember always add heat, by way of hair dryer or hot water to soften the boots), and the wrist joints are the same on all versions, not really strong, and only OK articulation. The body is slimmer than most, but most type of gear can be fit easily, and be made to look real good.

In the last few years, and most recent releases (including the Cyber Hobby versions), Dragon has had some of the best head sculpts out there, hands down. And the sheer number of figures, and different genres still makes Dragon a force to be reckoned with. [edit]They also have the most varied nude body colours around, ranging from almost white right to a very dark African skin tone.

They also made a couple versions of the female body as well, with both hard plastic, and rubber skin as well. Silly me, I sold mine. Some have rooted hair and some sculpted.

[edit; 19 Apr 2012]
Mods - Trimmed and modded BBI wrist joints can be used on the Dragon bodies. DiD heads can be easily modded or adaped to the neck joint, which is a step up from the DiD body. There are also adapters for BBI and HT necks so you can use Dragon heads on those bodies.

Hot Toys Hot Toys had a decent body before, kind of like the 21c Super Sam. Sturdy and built to last.

- True Type 38 has been one of the best bodies to date, and easily the most saught after now. Dave supplied me with some of those early HT TT bodies, and I was impressed enough to buy a few more at different times. The shoulders are a bit wider, but that can be fixed. It's not too big an issue for me yet. [edit; The narrow shoulder has now fixed any odd looking too wide shoulder issues, and is sold out almost every where. I think this is the body they should stick with now. The new TT bodies are sturdy, pose very well, and have decent proportions. The introduction of the Slim body is a bonus as well, and has been very popular. The Slim is going to be a good replacement for all those broken Medicom 301s, as long as you can get the outfits to fit on them without being too short. The rubber muscled bodies look great at first, but posing is a serious issue, as is the rubber deterioration and cracking of these bodies. If you want it, don't expect Barrack Sergeant posing.

[edit; 19 Apr 2012] The TT now has a bunch of different versions. Each new release of a MMS figure, including the DX versions, seem to have a slightly tweaked body. When the military line was around, there wasn't much of a change with the bodies. There was a Gen1 version that had large, split ball joints for the wrist and ankles. Those got changeto the barbell type joints at the ankles, and a smaller split ball type for the wrist. Ankle jonts come in different lengths. Small ones that came with Chris Redfield, the common mid length on most figures, and the long ones used on the Arnie figures and Captain America.

There has also been a few different versions of their female body as well, and all are decent. The Hot Angel type (newest) will be amazing when they get the nudes rolling. [edit 19 Apr 2012]; There are quite a few new bodies out there, and each version of the MMS releases seems to have some new tweak to the body.

Mods - There are a few mods that can be done to these as well. The TT bodies can be disassebled and arms and legs swapped between bodies. Ankle joints are pretty much interchangable between all the newer bodies, with a few exceptions. Wrist pegs are pretty standard, but the muscled bodies use a large split ball joint than the more common ones on the rest of the figures.

Dr.Figures glove have come with a clone HT wrist joint, and they seem to work well. Just pop out the BBI style wrist join, and insert the HT one.

Barrack Sergeant Alpha/Bravo Easily my favorite figure, of which I have 6 or so now. Not sure what the difference is between the Alpha and the Bravo. All have good tight joints and amazing posabilty [edit; I have finally got a loose one, but it's not too bad]. And gear and uniforms fit petty well for the most part. Not too thin, not too bulky. The neck adapters take Dragon heads most commonly, but I believe there is also a BBI adapter. I managed to get a HT head on with no problems too. Easily the best sniper body. The upper body joints are narrower than most, and the clothing has an odd fit sometimes. Helps to add a t-shirt to hides the grooves and bumps. Uses a BBI Style wrist connector, and I have been able to get a HT sculpt on the neck by heating the neck joint of the HT and pushing it on.

[edit;19 Apr 2012] Mods - The standard neck connector works perfectly with Dragon sculpts. Adapters can be had for both BBI and HT heads as well ( HT neck need a bit of teflon tape to tighten up the joint a bit, but it worked pretty good otherwise). Uses BBI style wrist joints, so those will swap easily.

ACE Man Mk1. Great, but the build is a bit more sturdy. Pose well, but mostly only good for ACE gear and the occasionally oversized part. The body is still really good though. I am a fan, I just wish you didn't have to buy a whole figure to get the nude. The proportions of the body are great, for a big dude.

There is also a new female nude by ACE, but I have yet to get one, and they haven't been warmed up to very much (or so I've heard).

Mods - Can swap with BBI stlye hands and gloves, and the joint is a copy of the BBI wrist joint. Neck joint can accept all BBI heads, and is an exzct copy of the G3.5 style neck.

Toy Soldier I have a few of these as well now, from the Ken Miller figures, a bit shorter than regular TS? Yeah, the joints are a bit loose, but that can be fixed. I needed a shorter body and it didn't disappoint. Not Terribly keen on the bendy hands, and the hands have been discoloured from the wires inside them (most likely). The Miller is the only one I have, and I haven't heard much good news about the others though either. And they are sooooo hard to find too, only being released in sets.

They have also done a female body that came with the PMC Babe(s). My only complaint was the legs seemed waaaaay too long. Remove a half inch to an inch from the proportions, mostly in the legs, and the figure would be perfect.

Medicom The original ones have an odd look to them, and are fairly loose as well. The plastic is brittle, and also have a tendancy to break. The neck was also pretty nasty looking. Usually found on the older military figures.

So they evolved and gave us the 301 RAH.... I like em. They are shorter, but I really like them. They pose well, and have a good slim build. Joints are usually tight. and newer ones have great sculpted hands too. I have seen one that had a huge muscled build, and came with half a dozen different gloved hands. It was ridiculously proportioned, but cool at the same time. Not the 301 Massive, this one was more massive.. LOL. One thing to be careful of. The plastic used is more brittle than most other makers, and the design at the hips combined with brittle plastic makes for a bad result of broken legs. It's a fequent problem. New Bodies are the 301, 301 Massive and the extra huge with the superhero muscles. They also do a female body, but I have yet to get my hands on one.

[edit; 19 APR 2012] There is also a child body with the Max figure from Where The Wild Things Are movie. But it's crazy expensive, and good luck even finding one.

I have also heard there is a new design to the new Medicom bodies, but I haven't bought one in a long time so I'm reporting on the rumour mill at the moment.

Sideshow Art S. Buck. Love it or hate it. It's design is past due for an overhaul. So enter the Prometheus ( I don't have one of those yet). Back to the Buck. The posing is basic, but for the average pose, it works well. The worst??? Those wrist pegs. Always heat the hands before removing them, or the pegs might just tag along. Neck doesn't pose as well as the above, and same for the shoulder, and wrist joint too. But hey, it's better than the Hasbro, so upgrade all those Hasbro Star Wars figures, and take the Sideshow gear and upgrade the bodies to something more posable, and worthy of the nice gear they make. I hope they upgrade the female body too, but I like the proportions, if not the posability so much.

This body also comes in three different heights; tall ones like Gandalf, and Qui-gon Jinn; regular sized like most of the releases; and short, like the Luke bodies. ( [edit; 19 Apr 2012] I have recently seen a huge chested muscle vesion. Not sure what figure it came with, as there was no head sculpt on it, but it's a lot bigger than the rest.)

There is also the Hobbit bodies, but those are more closely related to the Prometheus, and are also done in partnership with HT. There is also a height difference in some of the female bodies as well. The Jinx figure (James Bond) is taller than the regular release Artist nudes, and Leia figures. If you add the Artist nudes, there is a grey, Caucasian , and African bodies, in both male and female versions. Makes for a lot of variety in sizes and colours.

Dragon In Dreams (DiD) Not a bad body, but not much has been done to change it since it first arrived on the scene. Newer bodies have stiffer joints than the older ones. The newer head sculpts, and hand sculpts are really good. Not terribly keen on the bendy hands myself. The body poses well standing, and basic bending poses too. If you need anything advanced in the posing dept, go with a different body. The shoulder joint is odd, and does some postions well. The feet seem a bit bigger than most as well, in the length so different boots can be an issue to put on. The wrist joint is like DML, except it's beefier and less likely to break, but suffers from the same lack in the range of motion.

Volks Neo Guy Easily one of the best bodies as well (Warlordskeep has a picture above). I think they even make a slimmer figure as well. Lots of posing possibilites from this sturdy well built figure. And Volks even makes a joint replacement kit if the joints do end up getting broken. That's a brilliant idea. Head sculpts might be a bit difficult to attach as the neck post is only good for Volks sculpts. Lots of different hand options as well. Cost is the biggest issue, but I haven't heard of one breaking.

Soldier Story Early Soldier Story bodies were a BBI G3.5 clone but with a more brittle plastic used, and an oddly shaped foot. Then they switched to the S2 which was not without some controversy, as the design got partially robbed from Triad. Anyhoo, the body is much better than their original clone and is more sturdy and has good articulation too. Very similar to the ACE body with the biggest difference being at the neck. SS has an odd neck attach as well, and sculpts aren't easily transferred from this body to others (although I personally haven't tried). That neck attach also has a tendancy to break easily too.

Dr. Figures The masters of recast. The first one I had from Dr Figures (DeNiro and Kilmer from "Heat") was apparently a clone of the body made by SEA International, but I have yet to confirm this. It's a tall body, but has an odd body and joints. Decent posability and good articulation. The second body was another clone of the BBI G3.5 with substandard materials as well.

Armoury It was a good body for its time, but not the best, not the worst either. Limited posability by todays standards. The body is short, and that makes it great for use in vehicles or short soldiers. Odd knee hinge did strange things to uniforms at the back of the leg. Their sculpt were kind of weak as well.

Saturday Toys A decent body with good stiff joints. The torso articulation reminds me of DiD or Volks. Legs are more like Volks or ACE. Shoulders are like Volks. Upper body musculature riminds me of a bulkier DML Neo3. It poses well, but the shoulders seem a bit square. And this body has to be bought from a kit that is broken up, the old (08 being old?) USMC figure, and their soon to be released (might even be out now) USMC figure ver 2.

The Ultimate Soldier (TUS/21c) A toy. the body lacks a lot of range in motion. But hey it's a toy. It's sturdy, and strong. It has a good average size and ger fits well. They are plentiful, and came with a pile of different uniforms not found anywhere else, so you'll probably end up getting one or two of these bodies if you are hunting for gear. The sculpts are hit and miss, and paint is weak, but repainted.... some are just waaaaaay too cooool. A lot of personality in some of those sculpts.

Jakks Pacific A toy, but they do seem to pop up here and there in the obscenely muscled guys, and sculpts getting robbed for bashes. The wrestling figures are fun, and are best modified. Range of motion is......toy like. You have to try real hard to break one. Seriously, most are wrestling figures for kids, and have to stand up to the punishment that the wee ones can dish out.

And here is a nude comparison of Dragon Adam, Neo, BBI G1, BBI G3.5, Armoury, early Hot Toys, a Dr.Figures clone body but it's not their BBI 3.5 clone. I did this a while back, and it showed the posability and height comparisons too.

Dr. Figures vs BBI DML HT Armoury bodies NEW PICS ADDED!! - OSW: One Sixth Warrior Forum

[ edit; ] I've added some pics in for some new HT stuff. Will add more over the next few days. Some more comparisons with brands and other bits.


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Great reference guide! I think this will come in very handy.

I don't mean to hijack your thread, but I've putting together a list of the various HT bodies (my favorite body along with the SS S2). I haven't listed pros and cons, moreso just listed what is out there, and I'm not sure if it's totally accurate and complete. Feel free to incorporate as necessary to your list.

HT Body Types

Original HT Body (early military figure releases (through 2005?) - BBI3.5 copy(?)

Early Truetype Body (old peg wrist and ankles, poorer quality plastic)

Regular Truetype
- Caucasian (Prison Break HS)
- Asian
- African American
- Caucasian Re-release (Muscular chest, Cruise HS)
- Caucasian - fixed neck (POTC Will Turner)
- Caucasian - buffer arms and chest, ankle extensions (Wesker)
- African American - buffer arms and chest (Blade)

Advanced Truetype
- Caucasian (Wentworth HS, VIP Gift)
- Caucasian (Purcell HS)
- African American (Obama)

Narrow Shoulder Truetype
- Caucasian Original (Secret Service ERT HS)
- Caucasian Re-release (Gambit HS)
- Asian - fixed neck (Goemon)

- Caucasian (British LT HS)
- African American with non-ball ankles (75th Ranger SCAR HS)
- African America - non-ball ankles (MJ)
- Black figure - ankle extensions (DK Batma DX)
- Asian - (Kamui Gaiden)a

Muscle Bodies
- Caucasian - full rubber body (PMC, Drake)
- Caucasian - rubber torso, poseable rubber arms (Dutch, Chris Redfield)
- Caucasian - rubber chest, PVC arms and lower abs, ankle extensions - xlarge build (T800)
- Caucasian - rubber chest, PVC arms and lower abs, medium build (Wolverine, Comedian)
- Caucasian - rubber chest, PVC arms and lower abs, thigh enhancements (Whiplash)
- Caucasian - fixed neck regular TT body, PVC muscle arms and legs - no rubber (Perseus)

Female Truetypes
- Caucasian
- Cuban American
- Asian (Chacha)
- African American - rubber arms (Sheva)
- Caucasian - rubber muscle arms (Sarah Connor)
- Caucasian - new arms and legs, diff chest sizes (Black Widow, Jill Valentine)

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Is it possible to have a run down of the various skin tones? Is TTM-08 more tan than TTM-14? Maybe list by colour and divide by increasing or decreasing intensity? Some of the pics online aren't always reliable. Thank you.
I'll do my best here, going by memory. And this is just the True Type bodies, not the earlier ones. Anyone feel free to correct me, because I don't have them all, and I don't have a photographic memory. And I don't know all the stock numbers either, so I'll add head sculpt likenesses, and/or body type.


GSG-9 figures, almost white they are so pale. These are also shorter because of the necks.

First Caucasian TT38 nude release, very pale.

HT Slim, and new narrow shoulder figure. I think the new modified bodies are in this too. The ones from Christmas, and just out, with the Prison Break sculpts

Most of the HT Figures fall into this category, but they all vary within a few shades. The first narrow shoulder and caucasian nude TT figures. The Military figures. The Rubber muscle bodies, and other muscle bodies like Wolverine, and Leonidas etc... They are different shades, but closest together. Most of the Asian TT38s also fall into this. The Brit Tank Commander, and the TACP have a strange head sculpt complexion (like the paint didn't work, or they used a new plastic) almost grey sick looking, but the same bodies.

The Bronze TT38 nude, looks like Beckham. Super tanned caucasian.

AA figures. The new Obama figure, AA Slim, Ranger, Sam Jackson Octopus

AA figures, the first TT38 (looks like Jamie Fox), and the USMC MEF tan flight suit version (looks like Wesley Snipes), and the Blade figure. Quite dark skinned.


Silken Floss is most Pale I believe.

Most of the rest of the caucasian females next.

She Predator Machiko

TT Cuban

Sheva Alomar

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I can add a little info on the Playhouse and the Sideshow Pro bodies. Excuse the images, they are just the store stock images so they are not that great.

The Sideshow Prometheus and the Prometheus 1.1 are pretty much the same except for the torso which on the 1.1 has a bend forward and back joint. Very much like Sideshow's Art S. Buck bodies, they use their own pegs for hands and feet so it is difficult to mix and match. Sideshow hand pegs can be used which will attach to a HT or TTL hand without too much modification but the feet have to be Sideshow which can be pretty limited at this point. As for the head, Sideshow uses only ball jointed heads currently and that ball joint will fit the HT ball joint neck or the TTL 3.0 body neck post. The nice thing here is the Sideshow neck can be removed and will fit a HT, TTL, Playhouse neck post so it is pretty easy to do head swaps, as long as you have all the right parts. The shoulders on the Pro are a long ball joint type and so they are a little limited in their shoulder posing but both elbows and knees are a really nice double jointed system. The hips also have good articulation to them.

This is the first Pro body.

This one is a 1.1.

Playhouse bodies are similar to the Sideshow in the shoulder area but that is about it. They use a peg system for their hands just like the Sideshow ones and so TTL and HT pegs are too lose. I few wraps of tape around a HT peg will keep it in place if you are OK with that kind of fix. Playhouse's legs are more like 21st century, with a swivel in the middle of the thigh. They have good solid double jointed knees and they use a ball joint system just like HT or TTL so you can use their feet or boots if necessary. PLayhouse's neck has a low ball joint like HT does so you can swap neck posts with most common figures that use that neck style.

Hope this helps a little. If you have more specific question please let me know. It is nice to have a fairly large stock of bodies around all the time so that we can try out different things and see what parts work with what other bodies. It can be helpful at times.


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Greetings people, got an issue about Sideshow Indiana Jones. Wich body its HS fits well, besides its original? The newer TTL's or S2 perhaps?
The Soldier Story neck ball joint is too small for a Sideshow figure. As a matter of fact, from what I have found, Soldier Story figures only work with Soldier Story heads. You can use a bbi foot if necessary. As for the indy, you will need a HT with a neck post, Sideshow (of course) or the TTL 3.0. If you are just swapping out the body of the very loose indy one, a newer 1.1 would work pretty good as I have not found one that is sloppy yet.


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Thanks Spencer.. Does it mean that the HT TTM16 body has a very narrow lead when compared to SST Pro Body 1.2? I pre-ordered a SST Dusty and I'm thinking of switching bodies if the advantage of the HT is very significant..
There is a significant difference in how the TTM 16 shoulder operates and the Pro 1.2. The 1.2 is a very simple shoulder with 4 parts to it, the TTM shoulder uses a much more complicated shoulder, essentially they are taking out one ball joint and added 3 moving parts instead. What this means is the shoulder movement starts much closer to the middle of the chest than on the Pro and allows for a little more range of movement. As for the actual width differences, the Pro is about 2 millimeters wider overall on each shoulder. That really is not a whole lot. The bicep swivel on the TTM is at the top of the bicep, the swivel on the Pro is at the bottom of the bicep. This is not much of a big difference but it does alter where you will see the muscle as you swing the arm towards or away from the body. With the design of the shoulder on the TTM, you can hold the arms close to the body and actually touch the hips with the wrists, the Pro body can't do this and the wrist is about 1 cm out from the hips. One of the things that is a bit of a surprise, the Pro 1.2 body can touch his toes and hold that position on its own. The TTM can NOT do this. The Pro's extra belly joint makes a pretty big difference in this department.

I personally think the Pro bodies are pretty good. They are done of a quality plastic and have enough movement for me to be content with posing my figures. If you are looking for that little bit more, then swap with a TTM.


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Thanks spencer! I'm looking at putting a HT TT 09 (like the ERT HS) on the playhouse RCT body...would any specific mod be needed? The head has the standard HT neck joint (the little mushroom lookin thing that goes in the bottom)..sorry terminology is junk !
The Playhouse mushroom thing and the HT mushroom thing are very close. As the HT HS uses a ring on the inside of the head, as long as that ring fits snug on the mushroom thing, you should not have to modify anything. As a matter of fact a Playhouse HS (jack bower for example) fits nice and snug on the basic HT body. It just snaps right on.


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Power Team Elite ( PTE )?

Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
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Lesser known, not the most articulation, but for proper proportions, Legacy of Valor is a good strong choice in some cases.

Notice the way the clothes fit the York figure, much so around the neck.

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Also look into the DC Direct style of body. It's most likely the tallest type out there, some say more like a 13 inch figure, but it can work and do some wild poses too. Only real weakness is the hands, which are soft, swivel only at the wrist, and tend to break or scuff up with some weapons.


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This is the best comparison pic that i can do right now next time ill do a comparison pic side by side. As you can see Barney and royce body is different in the body and arm part while T-800 and barney is only the same in the biceps and shoulder area
Barney ross / John Connor head on Royce Muscle body / T2 T-800.

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I just got the Enterbay RM-4 body and I thought i'd give a review. There are positives and negatives to this body. Overall, I like it and am further convinced there is no "perfect" 1:6 body out there.

I like the material used. very sturdy. Tight joints. He could have stood on his own, but I used a stand for some of the pics. HUGE head. Almost old school Sideshow sized.

Close up. The neck plug is smaller (shorter) and fits into the body cavity, thus obscuring it. I see what Enterbay was trying to do. It looks better, but the big sacrifice is movement. Matt can't look down. Great H/S though

Matt's squatting. Sturdy, decent range of movement. Slightly less than a true type.

Extent of torso movement..Eh...

Ankle/foot. It does not come apart at the ankle like Hot Toys. Very study. Very good movement range

Matt holds an AK. He just can't look down the front sight because his head is incapable of moving further than the picture shows...

Matt looks up...

Matt looks down. yes, that's him looking down.

The neck plug

The body and plug. Hot Toys will fit. But they flop around, loosely. You would have to add some tape or something to tighten it up.

The extra neck piece that comes with it. These are reverse compatible with the old Enterbay heads, like Bauer, et al

Bauer fits nicely

Bauer looks just fine

Because of the way the neck plug is made, Jack can look down just fine

Next to a True Type. The Enterbay body is slightly taller, or maybe it's Matt's giant melon. Nah, the body is taller, but slightly slimmer

Side view

Look! Soldier Story heads fit very nicely using that neck plug Enterbay gave us.

Here is a body clothed on the RM-4, using an Enterbay head. Future WIP

All in all, I like the body quite a bit. First the negatives:

It doesn't have quite the range of motion as a True Type, but it's a minor difference.

The head is huge. I hope it's not a sign of things to come, but I suspect it may be. Enterbay doesn't build figures with helmets in mind, so they don't have to make small noggins.

Like DID, the figure cannot look down. The designers clearly were going to form vs. function when they designed the body. That seems to be Enterbays thing though.

The waist cannot twist very well. It's no True Type when it comes to hip-sway.

Now the positives:

The sculpt is really nice. Great paint apps.

The body is well made and sturdy.

The hand pegs will fit just about any manufacturer...HT, Soldier Story, etc

It's (relatively) inexpensive. And delivery was cheap too. 12.00 to deliver 3 of them to my door from China to the US.

Sorry for being sooo longwinded. Any questions, please ask!


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I really think that TTM19 head is very well made. But the TTM19 body is bit undersized as we are expecting a muscular body. He's even smaller than TTM18. IT's indeed a top quality nude figure set in the market.
IN my personal point of view TTM19 head is much better to use with ACI Flamma as it's in right scale and size with ACI Flamma Bodies. Both parts would contribute a very good looking and posable figure for many area of kitbash and customize projects for collectors!
I suppose ACI coming Andrew bodies could draw more attention as in many area including scale and outlook, articulation and usage, production techniques, and product innovation are at a very advanced status.
Wishing there will be more participants in the market to provide more and quality choice in future!

Enjoy the pictures!

More pictures

THank you for watching!

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I have just had a thought about the neck adapters, and i have put my questions about it below.

As i am thinking that if the outside diameter of the neck adapter is the same, or almost the same as the Dragon one.
I can alter the adapter to fit onto the Dragon body, and if necessary i can glue it into place.

So that way i can use the Soldier Story heads on some of my Dragon bodies.
Also if i dremel out the shoulders around the Dragon neck post, i might be able to get some additional movement for the head as well.

The only problem is i first need to know what adapters can be used to fit the Soldier Story head.
As i have seen on eBay i think two or three different types of adapter, and i am not sure which one's fit the Soldier Story ball joints.


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You need this:

It comes with Headplay heads like this:

You see there that there are both types of pin there, conical and dumbell. War Toys has the half neck and conical pin loose:

Here's the dumbell at their eBay store:

Their pic of the half neck is upside down, I flipped it so you could see what it was like. You shouldn't need to do any surgery. If you buy a head complete you'll get everything you need. Ebay and KG are a good source, the ones WT list are just the head and nothing else.


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There's a Hot Toys / How2Work children body. idk if I should post it here or in the child sized figures thread or it's ok to post in both? I won't be offended if my post is deleted:

Snufkin from Moomin by How2Work and Hot Toys ( They released Le Petit Prince too and another kid).

The hands are really cool. Hot Toys figures used to come with bendy hands just like his.

One design issue with this figure is that I think his head is too heavy for the figure to keep it's balance without additional support. I can do it, but I have to distribute the weight very judiciously along the torso.

The joint for the legs at the hip is a shared cynlinder and it doesn't offer much resistance. If you advance one thigh, you have to block the other or they will both follow. This makes balancing the head very hard. You cannot really set up any counter force at the hip joint.

Here he is dressed:

Notice the little stoppers along the secondary hinges for the knee and elbow.
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